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And thus the story ends...

"Beginning October 1, 2003 the online services for Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast version 1 & 2 will be discontinued. The PSO US Dreamcast server (11:US/Oberon) will continue to operate and will be maintained until 9/30/03. However, starting September 30, 2003 at 11:59pm (Japan Time), 7:59am(US Pacific Time), the server will be disconnected and no players will be able to log into the game server.

The message boards have always been an integral part of the PSO community and they will continue to operate until 10/1/03.

If you have a valid Hunters License as of October 1, 2003 and after, you will receive credit for the charge against the credit card you used at the time of renewal. This credit will be issued around November 1, 2003.

Although this has been a difficult business decision, we know it is necessary to allow our valuable production resources to work on new games. On behalf of Sonic Team here at Sega, we would like to thank you for making PSO an unforgettable experience. You have brought us much joy and many wonderful memories. We invite you to try PSO on GameCube and Xbox and share your knowledge and skills with other PSO gamers so your legacy will continue to live on. "

Ahhh mannn.... It was gonna happen sooner or later.
I'd give it another go but my version 1 disc has a crack in it and well I'm not gonna pay for an HL for version 2.
Maybe I'll do a forest to ruins run one last time...

"On behalf of Sonic Team here at Sega, we would like to thank you for making PSO an unforgettable experience. You have brought us much joy and many wonderful memories."

Wow that kinda got to me there... lol.

*sniffle ~ bows head & pays respects* so an era comes to a close, one that brought much joy & wonderful experiences to boot; truly, reading this brought a tear to my eye, for those were fun times ~ i miss those days of old.. =')

here's to PsO DC.. toast.gif
Ah yes, even though many of us have parted ways with DC PSO, it's still sad to see the servers finally go under. I had many great adventures on Version 1. I guess you can see it's the end of an era. cry2.gif
Maybe all of us with working PSOv1's should go on the last day and be there when the server D/Cs us for the last time. cry2.gif
I'd do that, but the DC that housed my old v1 keys has been dead since July 2001, plus we're no longer on 56k here.
HAHAH!! That would be fun!
I think we would all have to start with brand new characters.
I know I converted all of mine to V.2
Still, it'd be funny!
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Where would we all be if not for this game?

Although we have moved on to better(?) versions of it, and other games, it all comes back to these servers where most of us met originally, and the foundation of AT was laid. A moment of silence...


It would be great if we could all get together on the last day as the server goes offline like Crush said. I would like to be there for one last Forest to Falz run.
I happened to find this picture in my computer:

user posted image

uhh don't mind the weapons in the lobby... and the c-mode rank.. lol.
good ol' miranda 7...
Alot of funky things happened in that game.
Hey! my version 1 disc still works! Even with the crack in it.
I'll be on for sure lol.. I'll get on for the rest of september (at least occasionally). hekeke
Hehehe... I'm posting this message from my Dreamcast. beigebiggrin.gif

Layrinn v1 is still 100% intact. ^-^ My BBA still works, obvoiusly, but I haven't tried to go online yet. Assuming there aren't any problems with that, I would be all in favor of one last DC v1 romp.

Ahh, the good ol' days.

Update: It's giving me some nonsense about my serial number is already in use and won't let me online. =( I guess this is a side effect from having imported v2 or something. Somehow I doubt Sega will be all that interested in resetting my access key (or whatever) at this point. Boo! cry2.gif

See ya online! -- on the GC, anyways ;p
I'd have to go through all 7 of my Dreamcast memory cards, but I'm sure I left one of my DC PSO characters in tact. I'm only on v1 though, so no Ultimate mode for moi. Heck, I'm not even sure if the Serial # is still valid or not. >.>
ooh, i'd love to play with soem of you guys on DC. All of my chars are now at least level 100, but i could make a new one for this.(for those that don't know the DC version until recently occupied more of my time than the Gc version).
All my chars were on V2 (japanese v2 no less) as well, so I would need to make new ones as well, but who cares? PSO is at its best when you are low levels anyways! SWORD +3 -15% native OWNS YOU!
I got on pso ver1 last night, it looks like all the jp ships are up and 4 eu ships were still up and yes there was a hacker on last night too
*tsk tsk*
Oh geez.... No one hardly ever plays on the damn thing anymore, so what's the point in keeping it up? Just let it go and move on with your life. Play PSOGC or PSOX for chrissakes. Whoever wrote up that petition apparently has more free time than they do brain cells.
ah geez...
I was juist thinking about this last night. For some reason, I thought they were taking down the servers on Jan. 1. Oh well, I missed it all.
Maybe I'll whip out the ole DC PSO V.1 disk just for the heck of it anyways...

Reading Dive's post kinda brought a tear to my eye. He's right, you know! It's weird that a game can have such power.
Here's to all of my old DC PSO buddies! And another to my new GC PSO ones!

Sainty! Where are ya?
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