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I was suprised to see that there wasn't a thread about this series in here.
So, I will make one!
um... here it is!

Ok, right now, I am playing RE1 re-make for the GC and I am loving it. It looks great and it has plenty of tense and spooky moments. For some reason, I am able to control this one much better than any of the other RE games I have played.
I have also played and finished RE2 (DC) and RE3: Nemesis (DC). I got about halfway thru RE: Code Veronica (DC), but I got stuck in a bad save with no health and lots of badguys so I stopped playing. I read that they are porting this one to the GC soon. No re-make like with RE1 though. Too bad, I would have bought it again to see it all prettied up GC style.
I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to RE4. The screenshots and the preview movie look freaking awesome. I hope they can find some way to keep the art quality up and still have it all be rendered in realtime. I know there will be a hit in quality, but I just hope it's not too bad.
I've also played Dino Crisis (DC). I kinda liked the way the backgrounds were psudo realtime. I prefer zombies to dinos though, although Dino Crisis 3 looks cool as hell.
Anyways, this is just me rambling about RE games.
Thoughts? Anyone else like this series as well?
What about Carrier? Silent Hill? Alone in the Dark? Blue Stinger? D2? Illbleed? Nightmare Creatures 2? Shadow Man (reaching a bit here)? Any others?
ShadowMaN is the pinnacle of the genre ~ gamers that managed to finish this game & retain their sanity have my respect.. needless to say, this one was not easy ~ but well worth the time.. ^.-
I loved ShadowMan.
And the fact that you could find it for next to nothing made it all that much better!
It was pretty long too, and some might even call it kinda slow.
But the atmosphere is top notch. Sound effects are great.
There was a version 2, but it was a PS2 game (or something) and I never got it. I wonder if it was any good?
I would have no trouble recommending this game to anyone who likes these kind of "survival horror" type games.

I bet you could even find it for $5. beigesmile.gif
I'm a pretty big RE fan myself. I've spent countless hours at work reading through the various storyline FAQs on the 'Net. I own RE2 (DC), RE: CODE Veronica (DC), and RE (GC). I played through CODE Veronica and absolutely loved every minute of it. Personally, it's my favorite of the series. Battle mode is fun too. ;p I haven't really played much through RE2 yet. I bought it for a cheap price just to own I guess (I'll pick it up one of these days). I beat RE on GC but not easily. That game had some seriously tough moments. I actually played it a little last night (I haven't gone through with Chris Redfield yet). RE hadsome really stunning visuals and great moments that kept me hooked for a while.

I'm waiting for RE4 myself, however, I really wanna pick up RE0 first. I haven't even touched the sucker and it's been out for quite some time now. Resident Evil Outbreak on PS2 looks amazing as well, and it's gonna have online capabilities. If I get the PS2, I'm definately picking up this bad boy.
lol, i liked RE I for ps1 ~ yah, the may think it odd, but Barry Burton rocked.. =) everytime Jill managed to become trapped or everwhelmed, Barry Burton would save the day.. hang on, Jill! he would pull out a flame thrower, shotgun or some other weapon of sorts.. this was funny (specially that voice..) ~ gamers would shake in their boots exploring the mansion, while Barry Burton took care of business solo.. Capcom needs to make Barry Burton - the game.. trophy.gif
HA! That's a good one! Barry IS great! He saved Jill's (my) butt a few times already and I'm not even halfway thru. beigesmile.gif
I forgot about REZero. That one looks cool also. I haven't picked it up either because I know I'm not going to play it yet and the price just seems to keep going down and down. If I wait long enough, it's be under $10 soon. beigelaugh.gif

So, this morning, I was playing RE1 and I got to the outside woods section. You know, the place with the two rooster wind dials? The big woods right after that "puzzle". Anyways, it's super creepy in there and all I could do was sing that song...

"If you go out in the woods today you're in for a big surprise."
Of all the games listed, I pretty much played them all, including a few not listed. The genre for me has become a bit over done. It is in some instances become "cookie cutter". It would be best to just stay with any Surival Horror games made by Capcom, although the newer versions are far too easy for my tastes...most gamers prefer an easier challenge anyway.

What about Carrier?
Never played it.

Silent Hill?
Yea Silent is actually pretty good, but it plays more like a creepy satanic horror movie then a survival game. That isn't a bad thing, its focus is just a little different from the RE series. If anything I'd suggest the Silent Hill games if your looking for a good survival horror game.

Alone in the Dark?
Probably the orginal in the series. There is no reason not too if you really like the genre. The survival aspect isn't as tough as in RE though, focuses more on being scary, like in Silent Hill. I would suggest you get the most recent version, a pretty good game.

Blue Stinger?
A game that could of been really good, that went the way of being really average. Characters run really slow, voice acting is bleh, the attempt at cursing to make the game more mature only makes it more...average. If you can pick this up really cheap(5 bucks) it's worth a shot, but there are better games out there. When the game orginally came out it wasn't that bad, just average. It could of been a really good game, because of that the game can be fairly fun if the characters slugish actions don't bug you.

If anything you'd be better off getting the orginal D(saturn/PS1 era, multiplatform). Not at all a survival horror game, more like the Myst series, but more darker and scarier. Pretty short game if you know what to do.

Never played it

Nightmare Creatures 2?
A straight up action game, not at all survival horror. You do have to conserve your healing items, but the gameplay is all action, combo based stuff. I wouldn't equate it too the RE series, but it's atmosphere is horror themed. Still a decent game if your an action fiend. Not twitch action though, still probably some of activisions better work(recently that is).

Shadow Man (reaching a bit here)?
I've played shadow man 2...err I didn't care for the game. Combat was way too generic(hold down button, shots come out, hold strafe button, repeat), almost mindless. Only the bosses are the highlight. Has alot of platforming aspects, not a survival horror game really, more action/adventure based, but the story is pretty twisted/dark.

Any others?

The Things(PS2)- I haven't played this game, but it got pretty good reviews. It is worth a shot if you like survival horror games.

Extermination(PS2)-Another surivival horror game. I'll tell you now, the game is short. The gameplay isn't really bad, but the games budget kinda holds it back. It is in the same vien as the RE series, so if you liked the RE series alot you will get some pleasure out of it. The begining of the game isn't too bad. If you can somehow rent this game it's worth a shot, but not before playing many other(better) Survival horror games.

Eternal Darkness(GC)-Focuses alot less on survival and more on a pretty interesting story(a good thing), scaring you, and trying to create an inventive combat system. I found the combat to become repeatitive, but compared to most Survival horror games it is pretty good. In general it is a pretty good game and worth purchasing if you like the genre alot.

Overblood(PS1)- Doubt you'll find it. One of the earlier Survival horror games directly after the orginal RE. About as long as the orginal RE(but has only one character, where as RE and two). Interesting story, gets you thinking at the end. Focuses a little bit less on combat, has the typical RE style puzzles, although a bit more logical. It recieved semi average reviews back when it came out, but that was probably due to its graphics, back when most game reviewers were gaga over graphics and not gameplay. If you could get it cheap, it would be fun play through for the sake of the evolution of Survival horror(that is the lack of it), but don't spend more then 10 bucks for it, after you beat it once thats about it.

Clock tower- Well its got that "OMFG this crazy dude is chasing after me and I don't have kung fu skills to defend me!!!" thing going on. You can do more research on this game, I heard it got mixed reviews(some really good, some ok). They made many clock towers, ranging from PS1 series and I think the PS2 also. I played the orginal one, pretty orginal IMO. Combat, whats that? Hiding in closets is more like it. I enjoyed it, but the game is short. Its focus is replay value and that it has, but the kicker is if you want to play through it numerous times.

In closing, Silent Hill, the most recent alone in the dark and Eternal darkness would be the next logical steps.
I can't believe you forgot Fatal Frame(lol). That scared the *exponentially deleted* outta me. I liked the idea of taking pics to capture the ghosts cause it was original. Fatal Frame is loosely based on a True Story so that makes it even creepier. I love the Resident Evil series but in terms of just being plain horrifying, Silent Hill takes the cake there, and part 3 in my opinion is the scariest other than 1 especially since they return to the shifting realities idea. I'm gonna get part 2, Restless Dreams for the Maria Scenario cause I want to know where the heck she came from etc. I played Carrier and while it didn't score so high and while it was kinda short, there were some scary parts in it. I also thought Eternal Darkness was excellent and I hope they make a sequel to it somehow. Another idea, a Prequel to Silent Hill since they talk about a lot of stuff that happened in the past. Overall, the scariest game for me in terms of terror is Silent Hill with RE a close second. If you think about it, the reverse world in that game kind of reminds me of Hellraiser. Even some of the monsters look like they could've passed for being in Silent Hill and Vice Versa.
I love the Resident Evil series too, and I can't wait for RE4. I seem to be in the minority of people who actually like Leon S. Kennedy as a character, but I'm totally jazzed to see him as the star of RE4. My favorite RE games are RE1(remake), RE2, and RE:CV. I just wish RE2 would have seen the high-class GC makeover RE1 got :(

As far as other Survival Horror games, for me Silent Hill takes the cake, being the only games that have truly scared the snap out of me. Silent Hill 3 is the best horror game I've played, in terms of gameplay, setting, and story.

And I think Shadowman sucked, but that's just me beigelaugh.gif
totally. Silent Hill 2 kicked ass. I have only played that one cause it's on the xbox and that the console I own. SH2 by far has the most "holy crap. that is @#$%ing creepy as hell!" moments. I have posted here before about my wanting SH3 to be ported to the xbox, and so far the rumor mill says it will be so that's good.
You got me with the Fatal Frame game. I have heard (read) nothing but good reviews with that game. I never got it though because something else always seemed to come out that I wanted more. But, it's on my list. I guess the taking pictures part kinda bugged me a bit though. There is just something satisfying about killing something that is trying to get you. Then again, they are ghosts and you can't really shoot a ghost, I guess. beigesmile.gif
I also own The Thing, but I haven't played it in a while cause I am stuck in a tight spot and I just seem to die over and over. The game is (was) really fun though, and it's pretty cool to see your partner suddenly explode into a horrible monster that you have to kill.
I also also own Eternal Darkness. I am about 1/2 through with that one also, but I picked up RE after I got my TV back and never looked back to Eternal Darkness. I thought the insanity factor was a nice touch in that game. Often I would find my meter going down and I would open a door, only to find the room upside down, or something crazy like that. Fun indeed.
HC82, you mention that most gamers like less of a challenge. I think I am one of those gamers for the most part. beigesmile.gif While I really enjoy the RE series, I much prefer blowing everything away rather than trying to run around zombies and saving my ammo for the bosses and stuff. I think it was RE2 that actually had an easy mode that gave out lots of ammo and stuff. Yes, I did play that mode. beigesmile.gif

wow... the responses to this thread are very nice! There IS more to life than PSO.
On the subject of ED: I liked this games presentation, and how you played as a lot of different characters, but it just didn't have the "hook" that RE or SH did for me. I beat it 3 times and got the true ending, but after that I just knew I would never want to play it again. The insanity effects looked cool and were amusing, but after the first 10 or so times it happens, you know when they are coming and then they lose their purpose, which is to freak you out. Also, the pillar-activating puzzle at the end 2 chapters that you had to do 2 DAMN TIMES within 20 minutes was a pain in the ass, and needlessly repeated.

Also, in RE news...I just picked up RE Gaiden for $5 brand new! Good news to you Barry Burton fans...he is the main playable character! You can also be Leon and some new person... Bad news, though...the game licks balls!
I noticed a few people were curious about RE-Outbreak. It really surprised me when i got to play it at the playstation experience in London, i thought it'd be some strangely off-genre attempt but it plays just like the old Resi-Evil's (in a good way). I onyl got a brief go because twisted metal black online was right next to it and i have an addiction to that game, so i didn't quite grasp the online play aspect, but it was a good game (by didn't grasp i mean didn't udnerstand how it was online, but i suspect it's multiple people in the areas).
Crush, where did you find Gaiden? That's the GameBoy game right? I have heard it sux it, but I'd buy it just cause it's an RE game. Like I've said before, those zombies aren't going to just kill themselves.
I played a demo of Dead Aim and thought it looked pertty cool. It startled me a bit when it switched to first person mode when shooting the zombies, but all in all, it was still pretty cool. For the 2 minutes I played of it that is.
And yeah, there's also that RE: Online game that sounds really interesting. I like the idea of gathering a group of specialized people together and trying to escape while keeping each other alive.
*crap! Jonny's hurt and he's the one with the key! WTF are we gonna do now??!!"
Plus, there's the whole becoming infected and turning into a zombie yourself which sounds very interesting. beigesmile.gif
Well, All troughout the month of october and from now on annually or when there's a Friday the 13th in a month, I'm gonna relive some of the most scariest games that I have late night when possible in the dark. Since I'm buying SH2; Restless Dreams, this October it'll be the Silent Hill series, 1, 2:Restless Dreams, and Part 3. I'm alsot looking forward to RE online along with the other online games. I hope we can customize our chars a little more like change Skin Color and Size if possible.
Azrael, that sounds like a great idea!
I know when I play RE late at night, it really helps the mood. In fact, it makes the lights out walk from the living room to the bedroom just that much more fun! beigelaugh.gif

Funny, related story. I work with a guy who is a big horror movie fan. He watched all of the Friday the 13th movies back to back right before seeing the new Jason X movie. He also did the same thing with the Nightmare on elm Street movies for the new Freddy vs. Jason movie.
Azrael, that sounds like a great idea!
I know when I play RE late at night, it really helps the mood. In fact, it makes the lights out walk from the living room to the bedroom just that much more fun! beigelaugh.gif

Funny, related story. I work with a guy who is a big horror movie fan. He watched all of the Friday the 13th movies back to back right before seeing the new Jason X movie. He also did the same thing with the Nightmare on elm Street movies for the new Freddy vs. Jason movie.
hey Crushinator.
Today, I went out looking for RE: Gaiden. Your $5 story was too much for me to pass up.
Whelp, the GameStop near me didn't have it. They did have Alone in The Dark 4 (GBC) though for cheap so I got that. Then, I went to another place that specializes in used and hard to find games. They had RE. Oh, they had it alright... FOR $25!!! WTFF??? I did not purchase.

side RE1 note - I finally got past the big plant mini-boss thing. I looked online for the answer cause I just couldn't get past it. Now, I need to super back track cause I realized that I somehow missed the grenade launcher about 6 hours ago. Nice!! beigelaugh.gif
I got RE: Gaiden at the Base Exchange in Hill Air Force Base where my brother works. They mark down a lot of stuff there, so if a game doesn't sell well you can get some really good deals (like 75% the marked down price!!)

$25 is definetly too much to pay for this stinker though!
ive played every RE i can remember being released... exept maybe the light gun one and 1-2 other bad spins on the series, but yeah, i do love teh survival-horror.

silent hill has its moments, but the radio gets on my nerves sometimes...

eternal darkness i really liked... all exept for the main character.

anyone heard anything about RE-Network lately?
Info here! Clicky the linky!

Heres some info I got from a link provided by a Master Raziel in shoties. Good Screen shots and we can be Zombies! WeeeEeeeEEEeEee!!!11!!1!
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