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Full Version: Behind the mask: Syfte
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Well, here's my second (nearly) finished CG piece. This one began life as a photograph of a model. I used that photo to generate the line art and CG'ed the pic using Photoshop 6, as usual. So pretty much everything except the major outline of the image was done from scratch. It's not quite finished... there's no background yet, and I haven't added her section ID... but I figured it was done enough to show you all.

A little background info on this pic... I've always thought of androids in PSO as looking mostly human underneath all the armor and stuff. Or they have the choice to look that way, at any rate. This would account for some of the android faces in the game having human-looking skin and hair. So like... for this pic, imagine Syfte just removed her battle gear and head gear. Or something.... ;p


Here she is:

user posted image

Here's the line art I generated from the photograph to get started:
Line Art

Enjoy. ^-^;
As always, great stuff rinn.
Yes indeed, great work as usual. However, I wouldn't mind seeing the original pic of the model that you used to generate that line work from. ^-^;
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