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Full Version: PSO Episode 1&2 Plus
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GC version

Seat of the Heart, East Tower, West Tower offline quests
Ep2 cmode (5 stages)
Shop quests (offline)
new items??

Release date : 2003年11月27日
Price: 3,980円(税別)

EP3 also is Nov 27th, 2003

Official website

What I wanna know is what the hell ST was smoking when they decided to do this. I can just see it now...

*takes hit from crack pipe*
Yuji Naka: Ahh yeah... Let's make same game with towers and episode 2 challenge mode on other disc and charge more money.
ST associate: And and... let's leave shop lady for copy bug too!
Yuji: Ahh you smart one! You get promoted!
*takes another hit from crack pipe*
PLUS get!!
.. I mean, noooooo!!
Hmm how does the box art look like?

Ahh, yes... it's good to know that some things in this universe are truly constant. We can always count on Sega to squeeze us for as much money as they can by releasing countless software revisions and hardware add-ons. (in the past, at least... 32X, anyone?) It's no wonder they don't support things like hard drives and downloadable content. beigeroll.gif

Having said that... I'm sure I will find the temptation to buy this new version too hard to resist. Assuming it gets a US release, that is.

Hopelessly addidcted,
- Rinn
Man, anyone else see how pointless this is, one thing they better do while they're at it is make the Tower in the normal sequence of EP2 stages. I'm assuming that we can convert our chars if this gets a US release. Thank you Sega for making me more broke than ever.
Unless you're a collector of all things PSO or have a regular group of 4 people that play CMode together (on the same console ;p ), I really don't see the purpose in buying this if you have Episodes I & II already. All it's really adding is what we have available in online quests. The addition of the offline CMode 2 stages is nice and all, but we'll have it all just the same as they release these stages online. I'm really doubtful that this "new version" will have new items as well. Plus I believe that price translates to about $39.99 over here, not to mention it's release date coincides with Episode III. From what I've read, this is mainly for peeps that are without Episodes I & II. I doubt we'll see a stateside release.
New EP2 offline quests(not that west tower shiz) and EP2 cmode would be the only reasons to buy this if your an offline player.

Even then paying 40 bucks is simply not worth it for an online PSOer. Now they damn well better gives us non plus users EP2 cmode for online useage, I could care less about offline.
*shrugs* this should be of no surprise, folks.. ever since the legacy of 50+ street fighter II's ;p other companies will likely cash-in on a good thing by adding little insentives that the addict must have.. =. now comes the interesting part ~ is the addiction still worth purchasing the "update" IF this be released at USoA?
I seriously doubt it will see a US release.
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Don't tell me we need to purchase this in order to play Episode 2 Challenge Mode? beigeroll.gif
Nah we probably won't. If c-mode depended on the on-disc content, then why didn't we get all 9 ep1 cmode stages from the get-go since they were already on the disc?

I suppose this disc is a good deal for anyone who hasn't gotten into PSO yet...but EP1&2 is winding down now anyways (till ep2 cmode, but I doubt that will bring a huge PSO resurgence, but I digress...) so I don't see why anyone would really want to take the plunge now.
There is one thing I like to note, the levels of the characters in the c-mode screen shot are level 5.
I think L5 is about right for Temple.
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