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Full Version: VGA Cable get!
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I just got the VGA cable for the Gamecube today from Layrinn's friend Adam.
And let me tell you...
The games that support progressive scan totally kicks ass! (visually anyway).
By far the best looking one is F-Zero GX. Yay! Eye candy!
Metroid & PSO comes close but still looks amazing!
Zelda just looks kinda weird in my opinion.

Another hurray for stable color. I remember when I had the VGA box for the Dreamcast, I had to mess around with the wiring just to get the color right...
But for the GC, no hassle at all!
PSO in VGA format brings back memories... and its the only way to go =P

A big thanks! to the Layrinn Connection™

*nods* good to hear.. =) back in the v1 & v2 days ~ getting a decent KB & VGA cable was readily available for DC.. one would think that companies would take the opportunity to do the same for the GC version of PsO.. =. thus far, nothing good.. >.< the current KB that's available is okay at best & VGA is non-existant to my knowledge.. -.@
Mmmmm... VGA. The only way to play, for sure. Progressive scan pwnz. Glad I could help out DJ. =)

BTW, DivA... you know there's a Layrinn Connection™ for the keyboard dilema as well, right? I take good care of my PSO mates. ^.~
How much did the VGA box cost ya DJ? I just played DC on VGA today and I had forgotten how sweet it was...
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