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Full Version: Gah... need a new uni!
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well, i feel like getting back on pso. so i plug it all up this morning and im ready to get online and search for all my peeps, but what do you know, my MSN uni account no longer functions... like im really suprised...

i've been trying ones from the free conections forum but not much luck, anyone know of a descent, Functioning account i can use to log on?

email, post, pm, whatever.
-teh claymore
Angel of Enders
See if any of these works, and you didn't hear it from me.


Gamecube UNI's
also ill be back on pso in a few days my sc2 obsession is over im lvl 81 in it lol
QUOTE (Alisha @ Sep 9 2003, 12:30 PM)
also ill be back on pso in a few days my sc2 obsession is over im lvl 81 in it lol

Yeah Lish, we all thought you died or something. You just disapeared for a couple of weeks. My HUcl is now LV110 beigelaugh.gif

See ya online tonight and we can get some [more] levels. I am going to try to break 115 tonight.

See ya online. at-emote1.gif
QUOTE (Alisha @ Sep 9 2003, 02:30 PM)
also ill be back on pso in a few days my sc2 obsession is over im lvl 81 in it lol

Hah level 81?!? We unlocked everything and were still at like 76 or so...why did you keep playing?
i kept playing for fun and i was trying to sharpen my defensive skills
Angel of Enders
Hey Claymore if you find a working UNI can you let me know? I wanted to come online today but it looks like I'm stuck. God I can't wait till next year...
i cant find one either AoE, cry2.gif i wanna try that new quest...

what i really need is a active MSN uni/account at-emote1.gif
get numbers at
qwest numbers might work.

if it doesn't work pm or IM me =)

whooops... the one above doesn't work. thinkin' about another isp =p
try this one:
same pw and everything =)
"NOT SET YET" is really the password.
Angel of Enders
That one works, I was online last night for a short time. Felt good as hell to play though.

no access number for my area no


where are these so called qwest numbers located?

That's the ISP that I use (except I actually pay for it beigelaugh.gif ) But I don't think they service the Cali area...but you can always check.

you were right crush... suckage

what number did you use before?
you did say you had an msn uni right?
try using the number that you used last time.
it might work.
you can try net zero or juno numbers if you're desperate
(though they might be the same as the other isp #'s).
yeah i figured i should give my old number a try, i actualy did that first... but no luck,

my next CoA will be to try a juno number beigebigrazz.gif

wish me luck
Best of luck to ya clay. We've been missing you online.
Maybe you should give in and pay 15 bucks a month for a real ISP. beigeroll.gif
In all the time you've probably scoured the web and tried unsuccessful Login/PWs you probably could have worked one shift at a shit minimum wage job and had enough for a couple of months.
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