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Full Version: Armored Core: Silent line
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since the first outings on the playstation one, i have been a fan of the armored core series despite the awful controls. while i am fond of the entire series, the last enstalment witch i cannot recall the name of kinda sucked. it lacked the "arena" mode witch is what the game was all about... im hoping silentline shows some improvement beyond the last version. im sure AC9 will chime in since he has the box art as his avatar... and probably crush too since i know he hates the game.. hehe

anyway i just want to know if silent line is even worth a rent. oppinions?
Oh dam! Boy do I feel embarresed. I didnt notice this thread intill now.

the last enstalment witch i cannot recall the name of kinda sucked. it lacked the "arena" mode witch is what the game was all about

I believe your refering to AC2 another age. Yes that one was kinda sucky since it was more of an expansion for people who are really into the versus mode. This game is much more enjoyable when you have real challengers to play against.
AC3 silentline is different. While the control scheme is the same the graphics are a bit more polished. The missions have become much more difficult (some of them at least) .

It may be pretty hard to get into it if your new to the controls as the learning curve is very steep. But once you do it offers alot of replay; that is of course if you enjoy the premise of meeting strict mission qualifications to obtain a secret part. This game does bring back the arena mode and after you beat it, offers extra arena where its you and another pilot agains 2 other ACs. another addition is trainable A.I. where you use the mech to fight and it starts to learn your playing style and little idosyncrencies that make the way you pilot a mech unique. It does require some time before the A.I.s skill is noticable good. Also the sound in this game is just lovely with some very good tecnoish head bopping music
It has alot of features that if I would go into them all this post will never end.(ether that or Im just too diffuse when it comes to writing.) beigelaugh.gif

Also, some cool new additions have been made to the versus mode, they will keep you enjoyed if you have other people to play it with. All in all its a good game that has much more to it then any of its predeccesors; not enough to make it a breakthrough must get game but still, able to hold its own. wouldnt hurt to rent and see what its about. Just hope you have some free time cause it will be hard getting in to.

On a side note AC2 another age was not the last one. It was AC3. This game is just using the AC3 name so as to make it easier to develop a story which is better then the last ones i've seen. There is this one level that is all out mayhem and is a blast to play, literally.
Omg! I was doing some research for AC3SL and I stumbled on to this at a AC forum.

September 10, 2003 - From Software, always one to make new entries in the Armored Core series of titles, is doing just that with a brand new entry planned for the PS2. Titled Armored Core Nexus, this game allows for up to four simultaneous players to play Online.

Two disks will be included with the game. The first, labeled "Past," contains remakes of old missions from the series. The other disk, labeled "Future," contains completely new content.

Details on gameplay changes for the new disk, aside from the full-fledged Online play, are scarce. It seems that time and weather may change as you play. The game's garage, where you set up your mech, has been redone and is apparently more user friendly.

Armored Core Nexus will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show, scheduled for the 26th of September. A release is planned Spring of 2004.

Hopefully we get it online here, and I have a feeling we will since this is real network play rather than direct dial.

I will be the first to say YAY!


at-emote1.gif AC online!
Some interesting screenshots I found. still 20 percent complete :-/

Go play Zone of the Enders 2 or Steel Battalion, those are REAL MAN's robot games.

Sorry but I just had to say it beigelaugh.gif
Or even better wait till next April and Pick up Transformers
I hope that was a joke, Knightsword.
I dont know but I sure did get a good laugh out of it. beigelaugh.gif

Zone of enders is good and alll but has almost no replay, and steel battlion well im really not one to buy things from e-bay unless i absolutely crave it that i would sell my soul for it.

I think what we all need is a good virtual on game. buttrock.gif

omg crush that avatar is off the meat rack! where is it from?
I kinda miss that old one now.... mog.gif
I mean ZOE2. ZOE1 does indeed suck, but 2 is pure gaming bliss, and lots of replay too.

And hell yeah, SEGA should have made VO Marz on Xbox, so we could play it on XBL...either that or they should have ported VO Force...but c'est la vie.

My avatar is from DDR. He first appeared in the song "B4U", but also makes appearances in D2R, 1998, and Brilliant2U. I think he may or may not transform into the cat-robot from "1998" and Brilliant2U.

The particular picture I used is from the remix "B4U Glorious Style".

And yeah its one of my favorite DDR songs. buttrock.gif

Take A Listen - B4U Glorious Style

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