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Well, ever since I began grad school and started teaching the freshman electronics lab out here, Mute has taken to calling me Professor 'Rinn as a joke. ;p (I'm not really a professor, I'm jus the lab instructor.)

So, in light of that... I threw together this pic real quick. It's nothing fancy... just a bunch of copy and paste action. But I tell ya... talk about motivation to come to class!

Anyone remember that old VanHalen song? ^.~

user posted image
*nods* that's so cute, 'Rinn.. =) me thinks i recognize the original artwork - i could see lots of willing student hunters coming from far & wide to gaze upon the profound PsO wisdom you have to offer.. trophy.gif
Hehe, thanks DivA... I have no clue where that illustration came from. Someone from another message board had it as thier desktop background, which was posted in a "Show yer desktop!" thread. I saved the image for obvious reasons. ;p

Anyways, something tells me it wouldn't be my wisdom that these students would want to gaze upon. *^-^*

*opens class registration*

Who wants to sign up? ^.~
Hey, that illustration is from Magna Carta!
I'm not sure if its a videogame or not but the artwork rocks!
Maybe you should look it up. I guarantee you'll like it.
It comes close to the artwork of PSO Ep.III (!?)

Wow, you were right! I did a little searching and came up with this site:

The original image does indeed seem come from this game; I can see part of the title behind the woman. But I looked through every picture on that site and couldn't find this image or any others that were obviously of the same character! No big loss, really, since there were TONS of other wonderful illustrations to be found there... just like you said. beigesmile.gif

Anyone who wants to see some truly amazing art should check that site out.

Thanks for the info, DJ.

Now sit down and pay attention. ;p
QUOTE (Layrinn @ Sep 7 2003, 09:15 PM)
Anyone remember that old VanHalen song? ^.~

"Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. I'm hot for teacher!"

QUOTE (Dive @ Sep 8 2003, 01:34 AM)
QUOTE (Layrinn @ Sep 7 2003, 09:15 PM)
Anyone remember that old VanHalen song? ^.~

"Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. I'm hot for teacher!"


Hahaha... Very good, Dive. See me after class for your extra credit. ^.~
~for all your magna carta & war of genesis needs.. ^.-

noir.sensus : reality breach ~click on: Noire Sensus Image Galleries

~sis, here is the link for the one you seek.. =)
war of genesis ~ top left : embla

WoG III : pt2 ~i'm familiar with the art, not so much with the actual game; though WoG looks similar in style to Ragnarok Online.. =.
Heheh... Hot for Teacher... great song.
Great job once again 'Rinn. You've got the image-splicing skills down, now all that's left is to work on the drawing skills and come out with something 100% yours. I think we're all looking forward to that. Hmmmm.... one of the pics in the links Diva posted looks familiar. I believe what's his face... Shojin had an avatar of one of those pics. And here I was thinking it was Sesshomaru from InuYasha all this time.
Higher learning just got alot more interesting beigebigeek.gif
I am a little rusty with my double saber techniques, looks like i'll have to do some extra credit work. Anyone else think the class is filled with newbie HUmars? Reviewing how to take down boomas and the ovious gravitation toward anyone big, round, and in pairs.

I remeber seeing that pic from somewhere, along with other works from magna carta. In general I really like the artwork from that series.
Methinks Professor 'Rinn is teaching more than just the basic techniques of taking down a booma, if you catch my drift.

Awesome pic, 'Rinn. It made for a cool avatar as well. Now you just gotta change your member title. ;p

Thanks for the links DivA. I think I need to go make another version of the pic now. ^-^;;
I wonder if the class covers how to convert enemy weapons yourself. I'm sure that'll put poor Monty out of a job.
HC, I'm glad to have another attentive student. We'll cover weapons tactics later in the semester. In the mean time, if any of these HUmar scrubs misbehave, I'll let you practice your technique on them. ;)

Mute, of course you know every professor has a handful of graduate research assistants. Young, energetic, ambitious students who seek their mentor's experience. I tell you, those late nights at the lab can be awfully exhausting... er, analyzig research data of course. >.>;;

DE, Sorry... I think I'll leave Dr. Montegue to teach his own research... professional courtesy, and all that. But don't you worry... I have all kinds of fascinating subject matter to cover. ^.~

For anyone interested, I resized and reproportioned the image a little to get more, er... coverage. ^-^; (oh my lord, the legs @.@)

Click here
Very nice work Prof. What else does the lesson plan include? And are you looking for any guest speakers? I'm sure Linka wouldn't mind a visit to your class beigesmile.gif
*Enrolls for class*

*Sits front and center*

Ahh, another eager student. And it's her birthday, no less! =D

See me after class for your present, Zorya. ^.~
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