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Which is your favorite team(s), got a pick for the Superbowl?

I have to go with my home team The Vikings. I am not one of the many fair weather fans and always support them even when they are doing poorly. I think that by their showing in the opening game versus Green Bay, they will do very good this year.

How about Tampa Bay shutting out Philladelphia last night? It looks like the Bucs may very well go on to the NFC championship game and possibly the Superbowl. Any other noteworthy games this opening weekend?
Not big to any sports, but I did catch the first half of the Vikings/Packers game and was suprised that the Vikes were doing so well and I was suprised when I heard that they won. Hopfully they do better then last year

as a side note this be my 100th post here
Im a cowboys fan. Why? well because I was raised on them so thats all I know. This Monday should be interesting when the cowboys face off against the giants. I was Impressed with Giants over the Rams. Giants defense is serious i mean, their defense scored a touchdown! come on now.
The dolphins loss took me by surprise. The 49ers owned. and the raiders let me down. My pick for the bowl....Prolly Giants. This maybe their year.
I like teh Packers.

Uh-oh, Dive, does this mean we gotta fight now? beigebigrazz.gif


heh heh Khao beigelaugh.gif

A cheese head I see, well I suppose we can still be friends beigebiggrin.gif

nah don't get me wrong, the Packers are a great team and have one of the greatest QB's ever. It's just the old Minnesota vs. Wisconsin rivalry.
My wife and I are big football watchers. If a games on TV, we'll watch it. Yes, even the XFL stuff. beigesmile.gif

Anyways, I was born in Houston and I was an Oiler fan until they moved. I tried to keep up with the Titans, but they just kinda lost it for me. Now that Houston has a new team, I have to say that I was extremely happy that they beat the Dolphins last sunday. Man, how I hate the dolphins. Rikky's fine and all (I live in Austin and he went to U.T.) but the rest can go to hell. hehee..
For some reason, I really don't know why, I am also an Eagles fan. I really have no idea why. I have no affiliation with Philly... it's just one of those things. I am also a Buccs fan, so watching that game was tough. Both teams really had no offense, but they both had very good defenses. It was obvious that the Buccs were the better team though and deserved the win.
What really shocked me was the Vikings win over the Packers. WTF? The Packers are really losing it. I just hope this season doesn't suck for them. I like the Vikings and all, but come on. The Packers are better than that. At least Moss has shut up and started to play. beigesmile.gif

Who's going to the Superbowl? I don't know... just as long as the Broncos go. That's all that matters to me.
i like the 49'ers and the browns :o
heh heh im back everyone wassup.gif

well i like AC9 am a cowboys fan as well buttrock.gif who could dislike americas team? lol well they did upset the giants last monday and Quincy Carter actually showed some concistency (i know that ain't spelled right) and cundif's 7 Field golas to tie the record helped to beigelaugh.gif well mabey they can pull it togeather and make it to the playoffs at least but as far as my superbowl pick this year... hmmm as of right now id have to go with the bufflo bills.. bledsow seems to have found a new home out of new england him and eric moulds are proving to be quite the potent passing combination and i really think out of all the teams the bills probably deserv a ring the most

we will see i guess beigelaugh.gif cry2.gif
QUOTE (Alisha @ Sep 18 2003, 01:22 PM)
i like the 49'ers and the browns :o

Don't they play eachother this Sunday? In that situation, who do you root for? O.o;;

Oh and, welcome back Necro. =]
Vitamin D
GO COWBOYS!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! *Dodges barrage of tomatos* beigelaugh.gif
The Vikes win again, oh joy
My parents are pulling for the Bucs of course. Me, I could care less.
QUOTE (Knightsword @ Sep 21 2003, 06:25 PM)
The Vikes win again, oh joy

Yea, the Vikings are having a great start of the year. I really hope they can keep it up. Minnesota is just one of those teams I love to watch play, and don't mind if they win. =] I think if they can keep this early heat going, and play consistently throughout the year (as well as avoid injuries), I see the Vikes making the playoffs for sure.

QUOTE (Mute @ Sep 24 2003, 05:38 PM)
...I think if they can keep this early heat going, and play consistently throughout the year (as well as avoid injuries), I see the Vikes making the playoffs for sure.

Well in last sunday's game, Daunte Culpepper sustained some fractured bones in his back, due to being hit as he ran in a TD. He looks to miss this coming game, and possibly more? Gus Frerrote did a respectable job keeping the lead, but I don't know if he's got it to completely fill in for #11. Randy Moss will also miss this game I think, due to back problems as well.


the raiders man.... i just dont have the words, you've seen the games, what can be said?

not good, not good!

cry2.gif skullcross.gif
QUOTE (Mute @ Sep 24 2003, 05:38 PM)



Seriously, what is UP wif mah boyz? They're playing poorly. ;_; Ah well, c'est la vie.

intresting week in the NFL...

the vikings savagely mise the 9er's and TO yells at his coaches about it... real proffesional, i hate when football players act like that

Raiders vs. chargers ... a nailbiter game for me, allthough i really liked the way the raiders offense got it togeather in the 4th quarter, and proceeded to dominate overtime defensively.

the cowboys win again? how can this be?

then tonite, green bay upset chicago in soldier field... less than 1-10th of the spectators were left in the stands by the end of the game...

pretty entertaining weekend in the NFL if ya ask me.
oh Claymore... You forgot to mention that the Broncos are 4 - 0.
Good times.
The Bucs had a bye week this past weekend, so what game do I get? The Vikings/49ers game. ^.^ Only thing that sucked, is they switched over to the Eagles/Bills game at halftime, cause the Vikes were ripping the 9ers a new hole. >=D (That Minnesota Offensive Line just pwnz everything) I didn't catch any 4 o'clock games but I did catch some of the Sunday night game. All I can say is hooooly sheut. The Colts looked badass! Peyton threw 6 Touchdown passes and NO Interceptions. That's the kind of stuff legends are made of folks. Well, can't wait for next weeks Monday night games. Indianapolis at Tampa Bay. Gonna be a good one!
Well, damn.
Although the Broncos / Chiefs game was really good to watch. It's a drag to see my Broncos lose to them. Boo Chiefs!!
Also, talk about hard to watch... The Bucs / Colts game was too much. Frickn' Bucs were ahead by soooo much. Only to have them lose it by a fieldgoal. Four touchdowns in a quarter is unexcusable. I'm not saying that the Colts don't have a good team or anything, but .. holy crap guys.
Yes, that game last night severely fumed me. Strange thing is... you could almost feel it coming together like the Bucs were gonna lose no matter what. The way the events transpired just left me hanging my head. Thank goodness I was on PSO while listening to the game so I could take my aggression out on the various monsters that crossed my path.

On a side note, go Vikings! They lagged a little bit in the opening against the Falcons but came back and brutalized 'em to go 5-0. Good luck to them in keeping the streak alive. =]

And on a non-NFL related note, way to go Red Sox! They managed to come back from 2 games behind to defeat the Oakland Athletics and head to the ALCS. I'm hoping they take down the Yankees now. A Cubs/Red Sox World Series would be really awesome, since neither one has won a World Series in like a billion years.
i thought that the colts/bucs game was awsome, save the "leaping" call on simmion rice. that was questionable at best.

the colts were going to the center of the field, and that is the weak spot of the cover 2 strategy "chuckie" emploies. who'd of thought the colts would go 4-0 then mount one of the biggest comebacks in recent history to beat the 2002 champs... lets not forget this is the colts we're talking about...

odd year in football, i tell ya. luna.gif
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