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Full Version: fay's legacy.. ^.-
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journal entry 1 – fay’s rapture

It is morning, a brisk morning upon the surface of Ragol; my task is successful thus far, managing to unlock the security protocols that divided the once beautiful forest. I have this to report, it is unusual for creatures of this size & ferocity to rule these woods ~ especially since this shift in transformation is documented as recent.

Since you are assigned to me, dear MAG ~ I’ll introduce myself; I am fay, Hunewearl at your service – newly initiated to the line of hunters for hire. Oh, you like that name? Thank you. ;) Here, have a monomate…Indeed, I believe we’ll get along & once you hatch, I’ll think of a proper name to address you by.

Ahem, well – back to the journal…One thing I should note for reference – Rico. This is unusual, while official records indicate her to be presumed MIA, there are markers purposely placed upon key spots of the area I’m investigating – markers recognizable only by hunters, a key signature…Hearing several of her entries made me realize that she’s on to something, that much I’m certain. Call it a hunch, but I think she found whatever caused the former Pioneer’s demise. She found it, & perhaps “It” decided not to let her go; or perhaps ultimately destroyed her. Well, she’s known for being skilled as a hunter ~ I’ll wager she’s a smart girl, I’m sure death would be an amusement to her eyes.

Ah, there be more boomas approaching! Until then…I am no one’s lunch – time to enjoy the rapture of their end.

journal entry 2 ~ intuition

Unusual ~ this adventure is becoming more complex than originally thought, but it’s the very challenge I seek ~ to prove my worth & measure as a hunter. Kit, please be a dear & record the following; I make preparations for what appears to be a potential gate beyond the forests. I know not what lies beyond, so I best be prepared.

I stand at the items shop at Pioneer 2. I never considered - here i stand, purchasing the necessary items & reagents to sustain myself for the pitfalls of the unknown. Rule #1 of the hunter’s manual ~ to venture unprepared is suicide. A thought crosses my mind ~ who remembers the works of a hunter; beyond secured channels, who cares of our existence? Sometimes i wonder if our way is worth living, perhaps it’s not; then I think of the thrill, the fierce beauty of being in the midst of battle ~ the fire of chaos against foes that stand in my way, a pleasure only hunters could possibly know & appreciate at intimate levels...Perhaps this is the element that brings us back, an addiction that feels too wonderful to resist; even if it be the lonely way.

I yearn for this, willingly - I have never desired to fit-in, doing anything else...Am I a misfit? No worries, dear Kit ~ I know, the merchants think I’m mad for speaking aloud; let them think what they will...I do not care, let us return to Ragol, there is a gate that we must cross. Courage my MAG, perhaps it’s nothing more than the entrance to new found lands & one step closer to finding Rico; then again, i cannot help but sense there is a great obstacle that intends to block us.

Call it a HU’s intuition; either way ~ we shall be ready.

Good stuff, Diva.
journal entry 3 ~ eyes of flame, wings of death

A great beast looms before me. Amidst the blaze of intense heat from fiery brimstone stands a vast dome hidden underneath the lush forests of Ragol. It is here that darkness reigns, & beyond this creature of fire lies salvation ~ a formidable door that leads further into the mystery beyond; I sense a fight to be - inevitable.

I must be steadfast. This creature is curious to me, Kit.. =. I remember legends of dragons, creatures that look very similar to what I see; but now I notice this creature’s wings are the only appendages it has for arms, hinting evidence leading more towards genetic mutation rather than occult lore. It is watching us with hungry eyes, I’ve seen this gaze before ~ bloodlust...the same, eerie gaze of those I had slain only hours before.

With my saber, I may stand a chance ~ a slim chance, I do not like these odds; if I can bring it down to my level, then I may succeed. Here it comes, may victory come swiftly!

Now that's what I'm talkin' bout! You go DivA!

one thing though... I thought Rule #1 of the Hunters Manual was - Assign clever phrases to your F1-F12 keys.
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