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i am speechless.. =. never before have i witnessed something so well thought out; being involved in the martial arts, i can really appreciate what these 2 did with this.. enjoy ~ George Lucas should bow his head in absolute shame.. bewarned - 56k need not apply, this download is big.. =/

click - finished product..

~this is top-notch quality stuff; just goes to show that even with the smallest resources, it's possible to produce beautiful works of art.. =)

Wow. Words fail me here... That was quite simply the best lightsaber duel I have ever seen in my life.

Thanks for sharing that with us, DivA. =)
Angel of Enders
If it is whatI think it is, I've seen it already, on 56k. TAKE THAT!!

That was seriously bad ass! I've always wanted to see that inward katana style (I forget the name) used with light sabers. To bad it was in .MOV format. I really despise Quicktime. =/ All in all, this short is definately worth the watch!
Layrinn reminded me of this last night, and being on broadband now, I am able to easliy view it.

Quite stunning to say the least. Very impressive martial arts.

There are quite a few well made fanfilms at

Thanks for sharing DivA beigesmile.gif
Wow...just wow. That was extremely wicked cool...I love that inverted twin-blades style.
Cool find indeed.
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