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Full Version: A winner is Crush!
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
birthday.gif purzeltag.gif trophy.gif toast.gif

Congrats Crush, you dancing hucast of doom!

Wonderful Happy Birthday Crush.
birthday.gif at-emote1.gif
Even though you're a ninja and you're constantly giving us pirates a hard time.........

Happy Birthday, Crushinator! party009.gif I hope you have a great day flipping out and killing people... or whatever you ninjas do on your birthdays. ;p

birthday.gif shades.gif
Happy Birthday, Crush!
Wish all the damn pirates away. ;p
Happy BDay Crush!!!!!!!!!! buttrock.gif

user posted image
A very happy birthday crush. May you be blessed with many more.
buttrock.gif Happy Birthday!
Get drunk! toast.gif
*Gives shout out to Crush at the club*
And make sure you visit your local strip club. hekekekeke

Hah, thanks for all the kudos, chums.

Check out this swawsome cake my mom got for me. She is the coolest ever!! buttrock.gif

user posted image

GOD BLESS VIRIDIA! (insert symbol chat here)
user posted image

My brother's (pretty good) attempt at a Lego Crushinator! Are you enjoy?
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
LOL! that's like the best cake ever. Right next to the sailor moon cake my friend got when he turned 21.
And that looks like a limited ultra special edition of the crushinator bot!
mAN THAT CAKE IS THE SHIZNITS!!! Omg your mom is cool!

Ahem k so as promised here is the poem.

Crusinator! Joo remind me of a shiny terminator.
But of course your better then poser Swarzeneger. Hmm did I spell it right? go figure.
Any way, Yellow is the color of your bot! But yellow is a color that your not.
Hear the lion roar! No, I dont snore.... um any way, hope I ain't a bore
if I am you can just ignore. Watch out for wet floors and also dirty hores!
A ninja needs to be healty. In hopes of being wealthy. therefore you see,
a thug is what chu see. gifted, unlimeted, rymes universal crush you the man
you god dam old man! Happy birthday play the jam! lets DANCE!

Weeeee! that was easier then I though. (wow guees iam a poet. and i didnt even recognize it..... doh) beigelaugh.gif
any way happy belated berfday! toast.gif
Oh man.... that cake rocks! I'll bet it tasted good. That lego hucast is pretty cool too.
Best. Cake. Ever.

Happy Birthday!
Haha, swawsome poem, thanks!
Dur, I forgot to say Happy Birfday to you last night on PSO. You're right, that cake rawks. :d

Wow, that is the coolest birthday cake I've ever seen! And mega props go to your Mom for getting it for you. It's always great to see a parent who really knows their kid.
Happy Belated Birthday, Crush. ^ ^

And that is without a doubt the coolest cake ever made! purzeltag.gif
Cool cake. It is nice that someone in your family actually thinks about PSO more than something that just wastes time
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