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On the new Xbox mag demo disk...
I really like thos game. It took me a few plays to understand what was going on, and not quickly die, but after a bit it got really fun. Plays alot like MechAssault. Lots of places to explore and hide out and stuff. Plus there seem to be a ton of weapons and stuff at your disposal.
It comes out next month and I will be picking it up for sure.

*isn't it funny when you start to write a post and then right when you begin your mind freezes and all that comes out is .. well... this?* beigelaugh.gif
ok... you are all on the rock. I cannot believe that no one has commented on how cool this game is. You have all really let me down on this one. beigesmile.gif
Reviewers are even calling this game "A third person HALO, but with a cute robot."

Damn, these next couple of months are gonna be a drain on the wallet. So many cool things coming out.
Fun game with a robot? I'm there! (And he's yellow no less!?)
Yes,i really enjoyed the demo a few months back on the XBox,i'll get this one at some point for sure.
Not to mention, you get to jack into other robots and make them do your bidding!
AND there are vehicles! In the demo, there is a big ass tank to drive around and blow crap up with. Alot of the scenery (buildings, bridges, signs, windows) is destructable too. My only complaint is that it is a bit hard to know where you supposed to go next. So getting lost might be an issue. That just makes for more exploring fun to be had!
A must purchase, that's for sure!

side note - the little robots scream when you shoot them!
it has a death match mode, but anyone know if it's via xbox live? now that'd be cool.
~i finally saw this game on G4 last night - i could definitely see why you are taking a serious interest in this one; i could see you as the main robot, & the graphics look cosmic.. ^^
I seen the commercials for it. I seriously can't make any judgement about the game. Maybe i'll rent it, assuming it is fairly intense.
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