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Full Version: For all ye pirates
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International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Does this mean we have to kill everyone now, Crush?
They can't exactly do International Talk Like a Ninja Day. I mean Ninjas rarely talk. We gotta be all stealth-like and stuff, y'know.
lol funny stuff... Or shall I say Arr that be funny stuff matey! Shiver me timbers!
Well...this should solve the earths population problems for a few centuries....
We just need to assign a day for , Dance like a Ninja day ;)

hmm anythoughts on what day? spinning.gif
I still say that pirates and ninjas can learn to get along... but you guys just won't listen to me. =(

Oh well... even if it be with my dying breath, I say to ye:



Avast ye.
Before we go any further, there's something we need to be clear about. Pirates were and are bad people. Really reprehensible. Even the most casual exploration of the history of pirates (and believe us, casual is an accurate description of our research) leaves you hip deep in blood and barbarity. We recognize this, all right? We aren't for one minute suggesting that real, honest-to-God pirates were in any way, shape or form worth emulating.

So what is it exactly that we're celebrating here, if not pirates? What, you're wondering, is the point?

We're going to be painfully honest here, perhaps fatally so.

The point is, there is no point.

And that's what's fun about Talk Like a Pirate Day specifically, and talking like a pirate in general.

~i sense a disclaimer somewhere in these words; this is paradox.. ;p well, pirates can make for good assassins, so could ninja; also, pirates can be honorable...most choose not to be, but few could be...pirates can move silently, so could ninja; pirates carry weaponry, so do ninja.. =} a crew of pirates works effectively as a team, so do a team of ninja ~ aye, ninjas & pirates have lots in common.. ^^
Wow that's a nice comparison, DivA. Unfortunately, for dishonoring the Ninja name in such a way, Crushinator will likely be forced to kill you now. ^_^

Ninja do not have balls for chins. Ninja do not have peg-legs, -ears, -dicks, etc.

Silent? Pirates can't go one minute without saying "ARR". Try to sneak up on someone with tourettes-esque symptoms like that? Yeah right.

Scientific Documentation:
user posted image
hehe...I like that. Good one.
*ponders* scientific, no...progaganda - yes.. =.
you should check out this web-site ~ =p
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