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Full Version: Boktai
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Well, it looks like this game is coming out today or tomorrow. I can never figure out why they "release" date it one day and yet the stores get it the day after. BAH!
This little game looks really cool. Kind of a standard dungeon crawler, but with a bit more "immediate" action. ie: not turn based.
I really like the fact that they put in that solar sensor to boost your energy. Get them kids out in the sun! We sure are a pale bunch. beigesmile.gif
I just love the fact that in Boktai, you have to make your way down to the pit of the master vampire and then drag his coffin out and into the sun to burn his sorry ass. HA! That just cracks me up.
I hope this game lives up to the expectation.

ps: I think i'd make a pretty good vampire. Although, Icarus would argue that I wold not since I am a long time vegetarian. Still, there are quite a few people I wouldn't mind "disposing" of.
*grins* well, as a vampire ~ you could strive for galconda - the state of vampiric transcendence that enables vampires to be liberated from their beast forever...hence, you could sustain without vitae.. ^.-

~i like decent vampire games - the best i have played are both Soul Reavers I & II (i look forward to Defiance ~ SR III..) & Blood Omens I & II.. good stuff *nods* =} the new Castlevania is due for release sometime soon ~ that's another on the list to sample.. Boktai, i believe to have seen the name around ~ though, cannot recall what it looks like - anyone gots a link for this? now i'm curious.. =.
whelp, I have been playing this game for a couple of days now and I can still say that it's quite fun. It gets a bit weird at times, but all in all it's cool. It's alot more action than I thought it was going to be. I guess that's a good thing. I was expecting ... well, I don't know what I was expecting... Still, there are times when you are running around a blasting just like a good ole action game.
I can see how the solar thing is going to be a bit of a pain though. I thought I was in pretty good sun today and yet it only registered about 1/3 strength. hrm. I guess there was abit overcast, but still...
Also, the controls take a bit getting used to. It's at a 3/4 angle so you have to press both up and right to go, well, up and to the right. It sounds dumb but it is taking some effort for me to travel in the right direction sometimes. Especially when I am trying to be sneaky, which you have to be every now and then. I know it's not feasable, but a little joystick would really help out.
All in all. I recommend this game. Yep.
The game sounds fun and has gotten good reviews, but for me as a person, the game goes against my gaming nature. When I actually go outside and intend to stay outside, it isn't to play videogames, it's to do something physical(ex.swimming). When I intend to stay inside, it is too enjoy the comforts of a house. Having to lean outside my window to get some light is both dangerous to a gba and game.

Oh, you mean you want me to actually get dressed, sit in the park and play a gba game? Well, I'd probably wind up putting the game down and take a walk. It just goes against my gaming nature to stand outside in the sun and play videogames. I can just do that at home. If I go outside, it is usually to do something I can't do at home, playing a videogame in the sun just seems so wrong to me when you have the bounty of nature around you(depending on where you are)
While I agree for the most part, I bring my GBA-SP with me to work most days. So, at lunchtime, I can go outside and eat my sandwhich and play with my GBA while I sit on the benches outside of my office. There's no real places to walk around out here (at work) because we are pretty close to a highway on one side and a major road on the other.

or, you could go into the backyard and sit on a chair on your patio, enjoy a beer and kill a few vampires in the sun that way.
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