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Full Version: wonderful days..
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~as of late, korean artisans are producing intriguing media for both video games & cinema ~ animation too.. =. be on the look-out for this one ~ very inspiring, the overlay of CG & cell art looks promising, a unique style of its own.. *ponders* uncertain as to the possibility of a release at USoA; if so, then i'll definitely make time to see ~ enjoy.. ^^

wonderful days ~ click this..
Those are some wicked screen shots. I haven't downloaded the movie yet 'cause it was 25 megs and I didn't want to wait for it.
Pretty pictures though.
The setting/machine design is a lot like Final Fantasy 7, looks pretty cool. The story sounds cool too from what it says on the site. Is there an impending US release (theatrical or dvd) or am I just going to have to buy one of those HK bootleg discs offa eBay?
*nods* a collegue at work searched for it yesterday ~ a dvd looks to be available, an import & the coding looks to be compatible with USoA & JP's dvd technology standards.. =. when the time comes, i must acquire a copy.. ^^ the style does look amazing, there are several scenes where the artisans play with digital lighting that brushes off the bodies of the cell shaded archetypes.. clever ~ how they managed that 'lil trick truly mystifies your's truly.. ^.-

~edit - found it, me thinks.. ^^
wonderful days
Korean Animation #1!
On the subject of Korea.. Theres this breakdancing crew called "Obowang Crew"
They kick more ass than the A-Team. (!?)

The A-team are total scrubs, so I this new teams skillz are still up for debate.
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