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Full Version: a call to arms.. ^^
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~just curious, kind-of like an official role call; as of late, i have seen posts that indicate the following ~ members are bored with PsO, others still play...if you read this, please let ATHQ know where you exactly stand with this game ~ curious minds wish to know.. ^^

~do you, or do you not play anymore? simple, oui?
I still play but not as often. I've been playing other games I bought recently mog.gif
Lately I have been too busy to play...I've popped on a couple of times to do trades though. I have been playing SC2 as well.
I still play PSO pretty much every night. I can't play as long as I used to because of my new work situation, but I usually get in about 3 hours every night, from 11 pm-2 am Mountain.
Not bored just busy. Not enough time to get online on a daily basis.

I do make an occasional appearance however.

Oh yeah I'm still going. And as I've stated before, not stopping till that big two-double-oh is mine!
I am still in as well.
There are still a large number of rares that I have never seen.
You can usually catch me during the week, not really the weekend, between 10:30 and 2 cst. The witching hour is the best time to take down that damn worm!

Fear the feathers!
I don't think I've ever gotten "bored" with PSO, however the overwhelming drive to play no longer exists as it once did. I've gotten involved in some other games and have been catching up on my reading. I do still have an active HL and pop on occasionally (allthough I think most people play later in the evening then I am able) so I haven't given it up entirely.
You know I'm still on, and I won't be going anywhere else for quite some time. ;)
I havent played it for like a month since my HL expired because my bro Credit card info changed. But the other day I beat the mines and got to ultimate ruins and i realized that I love this game and wish i was online again. cry2.gif But I hardly have time to myself since im so seriously focused on school and work isnt getting any easier. If i do get a chance to play online again it will most likely be on a monday/ tuesday.
Still playing,in fact i still have my HL for both GC and XBox version heh.
I officially do not play PSO GC anymore, I was debating on coming back when " New " quests came about but I've decieded not to. I think I'll just way for the Card game since I've always wanted a card game that was online to this extent ;)
Present! ^-^/

Like most everyone else, I've had to seriously cut back my play time from the "all day, every day" summer paradise. Damn you, grad school! >.< My remaining free time is also split between hobbies now, as well... I've been putting some serious time into the digital arts lately. BUT! I do still play! Perhaps not every day, but still fairly regularly.

And you can always feel free to get on AIM and bug me to come play. ^.~

See you online! =D
Angel of Enders
I've not played since the last weekend of August. I'm not officially done with PSO but let's just say my attention is turned elsewhere.
Yup. pretty much.
As long as I put "partying-till-morning-and-work-in-3-hours" to a minimum
(As long as the parties are set on Saturdays, then its cool).
But then again theres this "studying-and-doing-homework-till-2am-and-wake-up-for-school-at-7am-and-go-work-afterwards" holding me back sometimes.
No classes Fridays pwn.

Vitamin D
Yeah I still play (infact played with Crush, DE, and Alisha a few hours ago.) but because of school, and some serious PSO play time is very limited. But I won't stop playing. At least not until EP3 comes out.
Yeah, it was great to play with you again D.
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