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Full Version: A Grrlz Night Out!
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As you may recall, it was our very own Zorya's birthday last week. Layrinn and Zorya are all dressed up to celebrate! Looks like they're gonna have some Pioneer II night-life fun! It also looks like they'll make the boys jealous in the process. ^.~

A Grrlz Night Out:
user posted image

I'd like to point out that this is my very first completely original piece. With the exception of the imported Bluefull ID, every part of this picture was created by your's truly. *^-^* It was a pretty challenging project... especially the facial details. @.@ I still need a lot of practice in that area. >.>;; But it was fun to do, and despite my inexperience in certain areas, I think it came out ok. ;)

Hope you enjoy....

Happy Birthday, Zorya. ^.~
Not bad at all for a first time, rinn. Keep it up bro!
Wheee-hoo! Thank you so much, Rinnzerkins!

I love how you captured the look of vacancy behind Zorya's eyes. And her height, lookat those legs!

Friends for life!
~cosmic to the 10th.. trophy.gif well done *nods* the Bluefull ID fits the mood nicely ~ reminds me of a mosaic; gives me an idea for my own living space, a mosaic of Oran ~ OM3G - that would rock.. ^^
More than just friends, apparently. :o Keep it PG you two!! beigebigrazz.gif

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