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Full Version: Lookie Lookie My New Sig
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > The Apocalypse Bar
Ok, as you can see, I ditched the whole profile Idea thingy because I wanted to incorporate all of my characters into it. I used a soft plastic effect on the original pictures without changing their complete appearance. I just wanted to show it off but I think it's my best work yet.
I can see you really like doing this. Not bad at all.
Er.. well... it was cool. Where did it go? beigebigeek.gif

I'm getting teh red X right now... but when I looked earlier, I liked what I saw. The plastic effect was cool; it made the pics look less like screenshots and more like paintings. =)

Nice job, keep it up! ^.~
Nice ^_^ thats a real neat effect buttrock.gif
*ponders* the background layer(s) ~ i like the liquid effect, is that something you rendered or is that added from elsewhere? at-emote1.gif
I got the original background from something else. I also have a few similar colored backgrounds I could've used but I thought that one was the best. I may make some more eventually using the other backgrounds. The way I got the borders around each char image was to use the chisel effect only at 10.
The chisel effect is cool but something about the text needs to stand out more. I dunno... it just hurts my eyes a bit as it is. >.<;;
It seems like no-one likes the PSO font, but I can't think of anything else that'll go good with it. I'm gonna make another version with updated character images when I get some taken. I kind of changed their look a bit. I'm planning to have two looks on each character so a secondary version with alternate text and images would be good there.
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