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Full Version: Rios Celli: HUnewearl Assassin
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Original pic #2 ^.~

This is a character I created for an RP group that will be getting under way shortly. Her name is Rios Celli, (REE-ose se-LEE) and she is trained as an assassin. The pic is 100% digital (I still can't draw worth a flip ;p) and everything is original illustration except for the background which is a stylized screen cap of Forest 2.

Comments and feedback are welcome, as always. Enjoy! ^.~

user posted image

Extra Links:

A full-sized version of the same pic
Rios with no background
This image came out great, Layrinn! Like always, I got to see the early samples and boy it's come a long way. ^-^; I really like the background effect too, it really makes Rios standout, yet keeps the overall image from being overly bland. Great job, yet again. d ^.^ b
Great stuff as always rinn. I like how this one came out. The blade of the saber looks pretty cool.
Looking great, your skills are advancing quite well.

Keep em coming!
~Rios Celli.. i look forward to learning more of who she is & what she's all about.. *muses* its the 'lil things like this that keeps life interesting ~ archetype creation for RP is a beautiful thing.. ^^
*cheers - a toast to Rios.. toast.gif
Wow. I relly like how your style has shifted from animated to more realistic type pics. Thats a good effect with the background there and a nice pose for the character. It kinda looks like you took a RL picture of someone and made it looked a bit more animated or cartoonish.
Nice... buttrock.gif
*gets all stuffy and critical* beigebigrazz.gif

Nice pose, but the right leg (her right leg) is way too small. That's okay, foreshortening is a bitch for even the best artists sometimes. Also, it's probably the background, but the gloved hand doesn't appear to be touching the ground at all....hmmm never mind, I see the fingers are touching, the black is hiding them. beigebigrazz.gif

Good job. ^_^

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