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My friend bought me Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) for my birthday, however, as most of you know, I'm still without a Sony console. I'm anticipating a price cut before I get a PS2 but would still like to play FFT somehow. My friend told me to get bleem! but the demo doesn't support 3D graphics cards nor sound. Now, forgive me if you don't want this kind of talk on the forums, but does anyone have any recommendations for a good PSX emulator? Any help would be appreciated. =]
Bleem kinda sucks and you have to pay for it. Same with Virtual Game Station. I wouldn't suggest either one. Your safest bet would be with ePSXe. If you're needing BIOS files, try and go to #emuchina, or hit me up on MSN. Plus if your connnection's fast enough, you may be able to get you some PSX ISOs and play them via the emulator. I found myself doing that with Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.
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