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Full Version: Back to work! :p
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Okay so after seeing my pic become very popular in PSO, it promted me to finish up my other project. What is it are you asking? Its my fomar Lord Folken. Once again I got anxious and am not complete. But im pretty happy with whats coming out. Im not too sure on the right hand. It seems kinda obscure to me. I am also planning on adding some really cool magic effects . I might even add a some type of mag there. But still give me your feedback. Ideas/critiques/comments

heres teh linky Lord Folken Purple Fo! beigebiggrin.gif chocobo.gif

Edit* I just updated this and saved it for web preferences so it should be a lot softer on teh eyes.

New update* almost done beigebiggrin.gif LF pt.2

Yes this one too is also all done by mouse. @_@
Wow, I think that looks really sweet AC9. I like the cartoon-like eye effect you gave him. ;p Can't wait to see it once you add in the color and weapon effects. The Tribe has so much talent, I swear. =]
Cool, looking good, AC9! I like the eyes; that's one thing I'm still struggling with myself. The right hand... I dunno, it looks like it needs to be bigger, but it may just look small compared to the sleeves of his robes. *shrugs* I'm sure it'll turn out great in the end. =)

Thanks for sharing it with us! Can't wait to see the progress on it. =)
Link didn't work for me :(
Nice error message... It's so purrrdy...
Dam. well i fixed it , should work now. I was hosting it at but thier service is so terrible(prolly cause im using a free account) beigeroll.gif Anyways, it should work now. Its updated too from what it prevouisly looked like.
Nice job indeed AC9. The blade on that scythe looks very big and menacing.
nice, is this another one done entirely with the mouse?
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