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Full Version: Resident Evil 4
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I cannot wait for this game to come out!
Full motion and everything.
Watch this new movie and see the fun.

~wow.. O.o is that in real-time? for myself, that 'lil tid-bit looked far more impressive than recent films that are passed off as horror.. ^^
Those screens look great. I still have yet to finish #3 on the playstation. Haven't touched it in like almost 4 years.
I am not sure if that is 100% real time. It might be an in-game movie type thing.
I have however seen a few other movies that I can confirm are in-game and they look just as impressive. Lights and wind blowing curtains and all sorts of stuff.
Yes, this game will kick some major bottom.
Our little GameCube still has a few surprises left in it!
I saw this video about a week ago and man is it intense. I believe that is real-time. If you really look at what's going on, it appears to be actual gameplay. Needless to say, Resident Evil 4 is going to be the most gripping, at least graphically, RE title to date. Now the only problem... release date, 200X!? That doesn't sound good. v.v
Did you notice the way the screen went blue-ish whenever something zombietastic was getting ready to happen? I wonder if that's actually the case?
I noticed the 200X release date also... hrm... I would bet (hope) it'll be mid-2004.

Now, I'll do a little dance.
20X6! 1936!!

*I need to finish RE1: remake!*
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