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Full Version: Fan Art: Strength & Desire
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Anyone who has spent any time at all with 'Rinn in the Caves must have heard her mention how much she loves the waterfall room... ever wonder why? ^.~

This pic is not 100% original. I, ahem... "borrowed" the background. >.>; You would think that drawing rocks and stuff would be easy compared to drawing HUnewearls. Well... you'd be wrong. After an hour or so of trying (and failing miserably) to create it on my own, I gave up on drawing the waterfall scene and just yoinked one from another pic. ^-^; The image of 'Rinn is, of course, completely original illustration, as is her Sato and most of the visual effects.

I was very hesitant to post this pic here at first. You see, Sato was only added to the pic tonight, a day or so after I originally finished it. Before then... well, you'll just have to use your imagination.

And if there are any comments such as those made by certain individuals in my last pic thread... Sato will kick your ass. >=(

Sato says... "Don't even think about it." >=/
user posted image
Nice pic, but can that Sato handle a pack of "mesmerized" melqueeks? I sure hope you two cleared out the deadly vegetation beforehand. As we know, those lilies are sneaky bastards.
~blessed moon.. O.o that's cute, i like that ~ the waterfalls shall be dreamed about in a whole new light from this day forward.. =} the rainbow is the perfect touch, btw.. trophy.gif
Ummm... I'm just gonna copy and paste what I posted *coughs* somewhere else *coughs*. This refer to the "oringinal" versions of the image(s).


On a serious note, those are really fucking awesome! To think you started pretty much with scratch and came up with those? *applause* I have to say, with that new program you've been using (Poser?), this has got to be your best work yet. The water effects and sheer design of the overall image is captivating. Of course, I'm sure this would likely get met with alot of "OMG b00bies!1" elsewhere, just know it's truly a work of art. Thanks for sharing. =]
omg b00bies!!!11

lol jk
wow man, thats really good. That water is just pure pwnes The rainbow effect is really cool and I like how you did the effect with with her legs in the water and the mist and everything. Makes me wanna go take a nice warm bath. beigebiggrin.gif

Its a really interesting composition. Yea rocks arnt as easy to draw as people think. I had this problem myself too. Eventually just like everything else, if you do it enough time you will get good at it. Good job Rinn. Especially since this I applaud you.
Very very nice beigebigeek.gif

/mag go away
Very nice Rinn beigesmile.gif

I like the other one too. evilking.gif
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