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Full Version: Fan Art: Love against Duty
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I spent pretty much all day yesterday working on this pic and finished it up this afternoon. It's my first attempt at capturing a specific emotion... I'd say I did ok. beigesmile.gif Everything in this pic is original work except for the imported yellowboze .gif and the Cave 1 backdrop. (fear my r33t screen-capture bg. ;p) The scene depicted could probably use a little explanation, so here goes:

The character is Mute's RAmarl, Nikita. It's a little known fact that her status as a Ranger in the Hunter's Guild is merely a smoke screen... in truth, she is an agent employed by a devious organization known as the Sickle & Hammer. (Black Paper's got nothin' on these guys. =/) Nikita is ruthlessly efficient, having never failed a mission. So when her superiors gave her an assassination assignment, they had no reason to doubt her success. But this time, the target was someone she had grown very close to. (I'll let you all guess who it was ;p)

Will Love or Duty win this conflict?
user posted image

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Wow, awesome job on the costume, your drawing skills have improved a ton beigesmile.gif The face, hair, gun, everything is perfect :o Great job

(Shouldve used a Varista to be more ghetto though)
Very nicely done indeed rinn. The shaking gun adds a very nice touch.
Don't be disappointed but I'm fairly speechless. I never imagined your "secret project" was gonna be Nikita. That captures the seen so perfectly! Awesome job, yet again.

QUOTE (Ether @ Oct 5 2003, 04:38 AM)
(Shouldve used a Varista to be more ghetto though)

O.o;; Ghetto? Sickle and Hammer is far from that sort of thing.
Nice Drawing. I can imagine how shaky that gun in her hand must be.
Great face, Rinn. Good emotion throughout the body, and nice touch with the motion lines around the Supp Gun. You're getting better. The posture is little iffy, but I know what you're going for.

That's really nice. It captures the conflicted emotions well, too.
fuck love.. do your duty.. shoot the bastid!!
Woo, talk about a blast from the past. Thanks for the compliments, Chim. ^^

I haven't drawn a thing since the end of October. I haven't had the time, nor the inspiration... which kinda sucks. Hopefully that "Oh, I just gotta draw that" feeling will hit me again someday soon. ;p

QUOTE (drunken_chibi @ Dec 16 2003, 09:08 PM)
fuck love.. do your duty.. shoot the bastid!!

Beautiful sentiment, Chibi. ;p It's a good thing Nikita didn't pull that trigger, or else there would be one less booty knight in the world today. -.-;
hehe.. but i'm evil! i have to play the part, even if my security staff loses one of its best
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