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buttrock.gif Hello everyone, I'm Camulus, a friend of HC82. He told me about the AT and about how you plan to start a guild in FFXI and I'd like to be apart of it. I already pre-orderd the game, it should arrive on the 28th. If all things go as planned I plan on having a White/Black Mage. I know HC82 for almost 8 years now. I hope to be a welcome member of the AT and meet you all.

Rock On
Yea, he's getting FFXI. Check out the entertainment boards and look up the different FFXI topics. I am sponsering him, he is also a friend of Kazicht.
Welcome to the Tribe's forums, Camulus. I'll look forward to meeting you on FFXI someday. =]
buttrock.gif I hope to see you there as well Mute.
Oh cool new ppl. This one said hi too sweet, not like a few rude lurkers weve had here beigebigeek.gif lol jk

Well welcome camulus. You wont be seeing me for a while then cause im getting the ps2 version but i do hope to meet there. guitarist.gif
buttrock.gif Well, I hope to see you also. I'll deff be there.
Ah yes, the Camulus is finally here. Yeah its time to rock this game like we did EQOA...just don't get bored before us guys stuck with the PS2 get in on it.

As a white mage you'll be one of the most popular members here so don't get too annoyed when you get /tells asking you to join 4 differnt parties. lol

~ Kaz
Hey Camulus, welcome to ATHQ, glad to have you aboard.
Welcome Camulus, to the last bastion of light before the darkness that is the apocalypse tribe.
Heya, Camulus. Welcome to our nice little corner of the 'net. =)
Looks like we're gearing up to have one hell of a good time on FFXI. =D Glad to have ya with us.

See ya on Vana'Diel! chocobo.gif
~welcome.. at-emote1.gif war.gif ~ & now, for the finale >>> mog.gif
Welcome aboard Camulus. Do enjoy your stay here. mog.gif Vana'Diel, here we come!
What is FFXI?
Do I have to have cable to watch it?
Wait a sec... it's an new Virtual Boy game, right? Man, I LOVED that thing!!
Hey there Cam, and welcome to the realm of AT. beigesmile.gif

Nice Gambit avatar btw. ^ ^
Thanks people. Glad to be here, I jope to see and play with all of you in FFXI.
Hullo, Camulus. Welcome to AT. beigedead.gif

Thanks, glad to be here.
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