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Full Version: Board Slowness
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
I apologize for the slowdown these past couple days. I have been in contact with the host server and they are moving all sites hosted on this server to a completely new one. The slowdown and timeouts should end soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, here's a streaming movie with lots of ep3 footage.
That's our Dive!
Always on top of the situation.


Dive at work - > crash.gif
Cool, thanks for the update, Dive. It's nice to know what's going on.

The "old" servers seemed to provide excellent service... I wonder why the switch? =.
Rinn, the slowdown is not because of the move, tech support said there is something on this (the old server)server that is slowing the entire network, affecting all sites. When we get moved, things will be back to normal.

~the streaming clip is interesting *observes* ~ it's all about the japanese hostess.. ^^ she inspires me to learn their language.. at-emote1.gif woah! O.o that, is nice.. =) 21 years later, the animation scenes look promising ~ thanks, Dive.. =}


*muses* i wonder if there is a falz card.. =.
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