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Full Version: trick-or-treaters
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Since halloween is not too far away, I was wondering how many trick-or-treaters pay a visit to your house/apartment each year. For us, since we moved here, we get next to none. There are flat-bed trucks full of kids that go about various parts of town, but never ours. In California and Okinawa, we got a steady flow of kids in the 2-3 hours it went on.
This will be my first halloween in my new digs, so it remains to be seen...although I will probably be gone at a party (or having one here! beigelaugh.gif )
Usually get alot of kids here, but I guess that's because my mother works in a school and all the little kids there love to come and visit; usually 50 - 100 kids some times more if I don't fel lazy and actually pry my self out of bed
The night I didn't do anything, we had about 3284 kids, give or take a few.

I don't like living by one of the busiest streets in the city. ,_,
We didn't get too many last year, oddly. We even had enough candy left over for us to munch on, remember, Cam? So I guess last year was different for you -- that, or they were all too afraid the approach the house inhabitted by the scary-looking girl with the black lips beigebigrazz.gif
I don't get any trick-or-treaters.
But that's becuase I usually work on halloween.

But even if I didn't work, I probably wouldn't get any though.
Me and a couple of friends usually get our paintball guns and go Fake gangter patrolling. We see some punk ass kids with backpack full of eggs and we roll up on them with his dodge caravan then BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT! we let them have it. We usually get more action on mishchief night. But lately, There hasnt been that many posers around so maybe this time will be good for the trick or treating.

I just hope we dont get no candy corn or omfg... toothpaste and vegetables. How the heck do you give kid these things on Halloween of all days. Still, good enough reason to get punked or pranked, however you wanna look at it. skullcross.gif
I usually eat any children that dare darken my doorstep. How dare they interrupt my Satanic rituals! beigebigrazz.gif

Actually I live pretty far from the road, so I'd be really surprised to see any Trick-or-Treaters. I used to get quite a few in Savannah though. Including some 18 year olds. -.- Lazy mofos.

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