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The board has been rolled back two days and any posts or board activity from Thursday morning to Saturday night has been lost.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Also, two accounts were lost in this error, i urge Scan Man and Chimaera to re-create your accounts ASAP.
sorry for the mess

Here's what I think happened and I am in contact with tech support.

On Thursday or Friday Wiredhub was experiencing slowness and timeouts on the server ATHQ is hosted on. They proceeded to move us to a brand new server and updated the nameservers to this new one. The entirety of this weekend's posts including the registration of two new members took place on this new server.

Apparently there was a problem on the new server and they have temporarily changed our links to point at the old server, which was last posted on around Thursday or so.


I just recieved a reply from support and right now it looks like we may have permanently lost all posts from 12 AM Thursday morning until now. I sincerely apologize for this, it is out of my hands.

Please, if this is the case, feel free to recreate any topics you made since Thursday morning, I know this is lame, I am very angry and considering a change of service.
major bummer. sounds like wiredub needs to get their shite togeather!
This bytes. We'll support your choice on the what ever the course of action you take and we know you care about us as we care about at-emote1.gif
Damn, this is a bummer... we had a very busy weekend. =/

Dive, I think we all agree that it's totally your call if you feel like we need to change hosts. But I think wired-hub has had a pretty good track record in the past. Personally, I would file this incident under "shit happens" and let it slide, as long as it doesn't happen again. I can only imagine what a hassle it would be to change hosts. x.x

Either way... you know we'll always carry on. ;) at-emote1.gif
Thanks for the support guys, I have cooled off a bit since I posted the earlier info. This would not have really been that big of a deal on a usual weekend, but this one in particular was very busy with lots of informative posts and great discussions. I am still waiting on word from wiredhub on the status of the lost posts, but I fear and should expect the worst.

It is a minor setback, and I agree with Rinn that wiredhub has been fantastic barring this one major mishap.

For new members, please be aware that this is an isolated incident and the first of it's kind in the 12+ months we have been here.

Chimeara and Scan Man, please register again, thanks and I apologize once more.
When changed hosts, the site basically had rolling blackouts and has been moved from server to server a few times. So I'm with Rinn and suggest moving as a last resort
I am pretty sure we are going to stick with Wiredhub, I mean they are working overtime on this problem, they have had to build a completely new server for the affected sites. They really care about their customers.

Dreamstation has a brand new pretty Invision Power Board eh? beigebiggrin.gif [/geek]
Darn that error cleared the level 200 congrats and screenshots for Crush and Alisah,even the news on the front page about it is gone cry2.gif

I agree with Rinn also,although i can understand you being upset(i hope they heard about it a bit,in a civilized way of course ;) ) let's give them one more chance but it should not happen again though.
Man that really bites! Well, as everyone's said before, they've been good to us up until this one incident. As for DreamStation's new board, they've had that for a couple months now. Works great.
~i must remember to check-in here first next time before frantically searching for threads that vanished.. *makes mental note..* =. well, on the lighter side ~ the new style looks good.. ^^
Crap that sucks. Looks like we lost quite a few topics. >_< I guess we'll just to go all post nuts and remake em. =3
It's confirmed, the past 2-3 days are gone for ever.

It is a loss but I know we can make up the lost ground in no time.
oh well, we can make it all up.

I am glad to hear this though. I thought I was losing my mind. beigelaugh.gif



Aww, man....and after I worked so hard those two weeks.


I've been busy the past couple of days taking care of business....just now getting back online since late night Friday when I last checked the board, receiving error messages for my visits....and you mean all the great stuff from last Thurs until Saturday is gone??


Ah, well. I've been around enough forum boards to know that stuff like this happens every now and then, with no one to fault by any means. Forum Glitches/Server Swaps....God knows Khao and I had to deal with a ton of 'em when his board was up and running last year.

Ha ha ha....whoops, there goes half my posts!! Still, it sucks. I wrote a freakin' Bible length post detailing my journey through PSO hell to explain how I got in there with the quickness, too.

**insert Ryuji Yamazaki-esque Sand Scraping here**

Come to think of it, Rinn should have a whole mess of pics still sitting around detailing what happened.... If you happen to read this, Rinn....I'd like to save those to my files sometime if you don't mind. king.gif

Glad to see you finally got things up and running again, Dive. Kudos. Hopefully there'll be smooth sailin' from here on in, yarr....

--Now I gotta make up for lost time, heh heh.
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