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Full Version: Website glitched, so here I am again
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
Well, since the website glitched and my post was erased, here is my introduction again. My name's Chimaera. My primary class on FFXI will be Bard; and my secondary, Red Mage. I am Camulus' fiancee, a friend of HC82 and Kazicht. I am looking forward to meeting you all.
Hey baby, welcome to the AT (again). I have no clue why I'm tyinging his up since you're right behind me. But eh...
Welcome again...our circle widens and glows brighter with your presence.
Nice to meet you again, sorry for the inconvenience, I promise it won't happen again beigesmile.gif
Well met, Chimaera. beigesmile.gif

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.
Welcome welcome,enjoy chocobo.gif
For aynone who didn't check out perviously, I sponsored Chimaera.
Welcome back, Chimaera. =) I look forward to meeting you soon on Vana'diel.

See you there! chocobo.gif
Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone. Now, to alert you of my stupidity, I thought "report this post" said "reply to post," so I'm going to take this as some latent form of dyslexia manifesting on message board posting. Sorry for all the false reports, everyone; I was trying to leave individual comments, but .. eh.. didn't read instructions carefully (my main reason for doing bad on tests :D)
'ello there luv. Enjoy your stay.

<- feeling British as of this post. beigebigrazz.gif

Welcome again, Chimaera.

Don't worry about being confused on the little forum taskbars....I myself tend to space out a lot while in the middle of pretty much anything and tend to disrupt entire trains of thought with but a mere word seemingly out of place in normal society, but which is entirely normal in my head.

That's my reason for performing poorly on standardized tests.

=X beigelaugh.gif

To wit: "CHUNKY!!"

Contextually, it can be _very_ humorous. =p

--But here, it's just soup.
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