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Full Version: Gone for a week...
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I've probably touched on this somewhat before the rollback, but anyway... I am going to cut myself away from here, and the other PSO boards I frequent in addition to PSO itself. I just need this time to clear my mind a bit. So, in 7 days, I shall return...
Best of luck I hope for the best
Sometimes you just need to step back from everything to get a better idea of how it all looks. I know we will miss your presence here. Let me know if you need anything apart from what you asked me already.

Take care, and come back. at-emote1.gif
~until then, be safe mr. DarkEpyon.. ^^
Do as you must....we will be here at your return. beigesmile.gif
A little break from things never hurts. See ya when ya get back. =3
Angel of Enders
Don't forget to say hi if you catch me somewhere along the way.


Remember, don't take candy from strangers. Um, don't eat lead, and all that.

OK, I know I said a week, but I felt it necessary to come back early. I just got my new FF11-worthy PC, and in the process, our house switched to wireless internet. Does anyone here know how to route the GC to the PC? If not, it looks like I'll be doing the 200 thing "in the dark" if you catch my drift.
Welcome back.
Hey Dark, ask Earthwind, his is a wireless network I believe. also his topic on this subject over at the other board should still be around. That should have some pointers. Oh and welcome back
Welcome back DE...whish i could help with the router,i have one but it's not wireless.
Whew..... good thing we still had the old router, as now it's hooked up there and working just fine. beigesmile.gif Good to be back.
Welcome Back mate. :D
hah welcome back! beigelaugh.gif

I knew you couldn't stay away for long, how can you with this crew?

And what a crew it is...

I am unworthy of such friends. As I grew ever closer to 200, I wanted to ditch my other friend and go on without him, all the while advertising it like the super bowl. It was around last Saturday I logged off PSO to go check on a few things when he'd IM'd me on AIM. So we talked a bit and he convinced me to wait for him so we can do as we'd planned back in late-August. I'd seen myself become everything I'd wanted to avoid becoming. So yeah, I lost sight with what was truly important and needed to reflect on that, and how truly fortunate I am to have made it this far. And of course how blessed I am to have acquired such great friends in the process. I'd rather not risk losing friends over something that trivial.
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