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Full Version: Welcome drunken_chibi and rikku
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
Hey nice to see you two in these parts, welcome to our humble HQ.

I hope to see you guys on FFXI.
Thanks for the welcome. beigesmile.gif

I know some of you here, but not all.
My name is also rikku over at the Gaming Cow forum.
~welcome to ATHQ - if ever you need an avatar weaved, just let me know.. at-emote1.gif
Welcome indeed, to both of you. I look forward to playing with the Gaming Cow peeps once again. beigebiggrin.gif
Welcome chibi and rikku! Hope to see you guys on Vana'diel someday. ;)
Welcome to our wonderful home... Drinks on me!
I was supposed to post that last post didn't relize she was logged..... Married life can be hard....
Hello hello. ^_^

... um, i'm not supposed to say "hi", am i?

Hello,hello fellow cows...err ...yeah beigelaugh.gif
Hey! Nice to meet you guys. I hope to get a chance to game with you both on FFXI
Hey, I know you guys! =D

Hehe, welcome to ATHQ. ^-^ Good to have ya here. I know teh Cow keeps you pretty occupied, but hopefully we'll see you around here a bit, too. ;)

Either way...

See you on Vana'diel! chocobo.gif
"Greetings, Mighty One."

**waits for someone to get the reference**

**dies of old age**



Welcome aboard the Love Boat!! Tattoo will be along shortly to take your bags....would you like a free upgrade in your tour package??

As often as I've promised kanyon that I'd stop by t3h cow, I should've made good on it 10 times over by this point....oops. bash.gif

Enjoy the show!!

--Oh, and tip well....Tattoo likes that.
welcome to our neck of the woods, bovines!

but of coarse the cows are always welcome around here.
OMG a welcome thread without me welcomming!? beigebigeek.gif Shame on me teleport.gif Here you go! take these free 2hd ibms floppy disk as a welcomeing gift. *throws floppys in the air* enjoy!
thanks, i'm looking forward to the AT/Cow clan on FFXI.. though i'm still a Cow at heart.. err.. or a bull.. or whatever... now make with the booze!
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