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it's official - the web-site is open : castlevania ps2
release date : 11.27.03

~anyone else getting this potential gem? i'm a fan of Symphony of the Night (ps1) & the later castlevania successors (gba).. *reflects* i pray konami's attempts at a 3D castlevania pay-off this time around; there seems to be lots riding on this one - high expectations & all.. =.
You know I'll be getting it. I mean, when is the last time we were on PSO and I didn't mention it? beigebiggrin.gif I was anticipating a end of October release but it now seems to be the end of November. This actually works out nicely for me. Perhaps PS2 will slash their system prices before it gets released. Then I'll get it on release date for sure. >=D

...and yes, let us hope it has nothing to do with the attempts at a Castelvania game on the Nintendo 64. x.x

EDIT: Thanks for that link, DivA. That website kick ass. beigebiggrin.gif
QUOTE (Mute @ Oct 15 2003, 01:11 PM)
...and yes, let us hope it has nothing to do with the attempts at a Castelvania game on the Nintendo 64. x.x

~exactly.. *nods* if there is so much as a glimpse of a skeleton motor-cycle rider in this game, i'll raise absolute hell.. ;p

The last couple of forums I was part of seemed to be utterly devoid of Castlevania freaks....what the dude is up with that, huh??

I'd sell my soul for this game, if I hadn't given it away already. From what I've heard, most of the original team behind Symphony of the Night came back for this new release.

Now, despite the severe beating I've received elsewhere, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I liked the N64 Castlevania games. They weren't anything special, nor did I feel the spirit of older games past when playing them both, but as a huge fan of the series in general I'd have to say they were mediocre at best.

Even with that confession, I too think the whole "bones on bikes" thing was ridiculous. beigelaugh.gif

This game will be mine on day one. **drools**

There simply has to be a climactic battle with Death/the Reaper in the game, else I won't be fully satisfied. Hmmm....I wonder if Shaft shows up somewhere as well??

--What a horrible night for a curse.
I can't wait for this game, it just looks so cool.
I'm gonna try to get it on release date, if the stores around here get it in than.

I'm a huge fan of castlevania games, and will openly admit that I too liked the N64 ones.
Though, like a few of you have said, those motor-cycle rideing skeletons were just stupid, and I'll raise hell too if there in this one.
Hey guys...according to EBgames, this one drops October 21st, not November 27th....SO GO BUY IT THIS WEEK OR DIE!!! BLAH!!! (vampire)

Free music CD sampler too, jawsome!!!

EDIT: Nov. 27th is the JAPANESE release date, just to clear up any confusion.
I guess we'll find out Tuesday. If this is true, I may be picking up a PS2 alot sooner than I originally planned. I saw the Network Adaptor PS2 Bundle for $199.99 at Circuit City today, which ain't too bad really. It's the additional memory card and component video cable that hurts.
*nods* actually, this is good news ~ it gives a almost a full month's gap of time between castlevania & sr3.. deciding between the 2 - *shakes head* that would have worried me.. Oo
Yes,it shipped today and according to IGN,it rocks:

"Closing Comments
There was a whole lot of fan-oriented uproar when it was announced that the PlayStation 2 version of Castlevania would go way of the third dimension. And after playing the slightly average Nintendo 64 3D offerings a couple of years back, we can't say that we blamed them. Having experienced Konami's latest trip to the dark side for innumerable hours upon hours, however, we can safely confirm that "Dracula's 3D Curse" has finally been lifted.
As despite the noticeable platforming problems and occasional exploratory moments that left us with nothing to do, Lament of Innocence still provides plenty of old-fashioned gothic entertainment. Successfully capturing the genius of what made its 2D predecessors so enthralling, this latest Castlevania should keep you busy for weeks.

And while it can definitely be beaten the first time through in less than eight to 10 hours, its plethora of hidden goodies, unlockable playable characters, and incredible Halloween-like atmosphere should give fans more than enough reasons to go back. But more than anything else, it's just plain fun -- a trait that's always welcome in the videogame world."

They gave it a 9.

From what I played so far this game has all the makings of being one of the best games for the PS2. It is a worthy addition to the Castlevania series. Its got all the best traits from the SOTN and the last 2 gba games and rolled in a nice 3D package
~this is excellent news.. =D Linka, how are the controls? =. i've been reading lots of good commentaries regarding this one; it's definity been put on my "to get" list.. ^^
QUOTE (Knightsword @ Oct 24 2003, 05:19 AM)

From what I played so far this game has all the makings of being one of the best games for the PS2. It is a worthy addition to the Castlevania series. Its got all the best traits from the SOTN and the last 2 gba games and rolled in a nice 3D package

I heard it has little to no RPG elements like SoTN did (MAJOR disappointment).

However, I heard everything else about the game is really great, especially the soundtrack. After reading GameSpot's review, I'll likely pick up SoTN first (since I've never owned it ,_,) and eventually get this puppy down the line. ;)
No RPG elements means the game is actually hard, instead of wimpily leveling you up as you go along, so the later bosses aren't very hard at all.

Hooray for games that retain some sembalance of challenge. guitarist.gif
Yes the leveling system is gone, but there are life/magic/heart "containers". Also there is a skill system, which lets you learn moves from using the attack buttons. There are a fast and hard attacks, you can double jump from the start. The whip is not only a used for attacking, its also used to grapple on railings and jumping from overhang to overhang ala Samus' grapple-beam.
Say Crush are you that Adam guy from X-Play?
No, what makes you think that? beigelaugh.gif

I've never seen the show before.
The guy has an unbelievible dislike for rpgs and any game that has rpg elements.

Now back to the game.

The graphics are some of the best I've seen on the PS2. The hunted castle feel is there and has elements from Eternal Darkness. The game's cinemas use the in game graphics, ala Metal Gear Solid. The music is Just friggen awesome, the classical/techno works just as good as it did on the gba games.

The Castle it self is no long one huge caslte with all the areas combined, but divided into stages with one room that has telepoters that link to the areas. There are 5 of the areas that are like that and then the main castle thats unlocked after beating the 5 bosses. Of the 2 that I have faced were the Golem and the Undead Parasite, which is the love child of Legion from past Castlevanias and Chaos the true final boss of Aria of Sorrow.
Well, sounds like I'd like that guy, and his show.

And I also like the sound of Castlevania buttrock.gif
Hmm...sounds pretty good. The one thing that makes me skeptical is the length and replay value. Like most awesome games, if they are too short, I usually feel ripped off. Oh well, I will certainly try to alteast rent this game, or pick up later on next year(early january).
Well, after 11+ hours of play I beat the game, with 100% of the map explored and all the findable items got. There are quite a few that are dropped by enimies that havn't found yet. After defeating the final boss, a extra character was released, as well as a hard mode and the boss rush mode. From what I know there is another character released after finishing the game by the second character.

Was it all worth it? I'd say so if you havn't gotten the game yet, you should or the creatures of the night will and I truly mean they will rule the night and all...
its pretty good i guess, it definitely feels like castlevenia and its a fun game, was worth the rent but im not so sure i'd spend 50$ on it.

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