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Full Version: Late For Work
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Well, I had this great idea to make a strip about the joys of going to the doctor's. Then I started on the drawing and I was only able to finish the first panel. It just made me so sad! But, the drawing is too good just to let go so I decided to post it anyway. beigelaugh.gif user posted image

side note - I have actually been back and forth to the doc's recently for some stomach issues. Luckily, I don't have an ulcer! But I do have all the makings for one so I will be taking some medication for a little while. No big deal, but I just you might want to hear the back story.
Angel of Enders
Aww... *huggles then ninja vanishes before anyone sees him in the hugging process* evilking.gif
~wow, that's not good - you're too young to be having stomach/ulcer issues.. Oo well, i'll keep you in the prayers ~ get well soon.. =)
well... everything is getting back to normal so ... it's all cool.
and... um... young? beigesmile.gif
I hope no one gets weirded out by all of this. Everythings cool. It makes me feel better to laugh at myself. I had a big plan to make a strip out of everything, but I just couldn't finish because the very first drawing was so... sad, but in a funny way.
I will be back to smashing stuff in no time.
HAHAHA beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif It's back!!!! Yesss, even with one panel its funnier than all other comics out there!

Tes kick ASS!! buttrock.gif I alawys love your comic strips SCU. Im sure robots all around the world are inspired when they see what one such as yourself have accomplished. GIMME TEH MORE!!! buttrock.gif I also love your funky style. Its just so different from everything that I usually see.
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