HC82 Writes....

This is a reminder for everyone who is going to participate in the Final Fantasy XI AIM meet up. This meeting will take place on Oct, 25th, It begins at 7pm PST/10pmEST. There is no particular time to end, so if your going to be a little late, no problem. If you plan to miss the chat, I will post the highlights of the chat, so you can read up on what was discussed.

If you haven't already seen so, here is the orginal link to the topic:

FFXI AIM meetup Topic

This chats primary focus is for our PC FFXI gamers to have a clear understanding of what will be happening with the World Pass and server alignment. This meeting is also designed so that both people from different forums who are particpating in this meet can get a chance to talk to each other. Any other general FFXI chitchat is more then welcome. There are a few key points and questions that will be brought up during the chat, so if you can make the chat please do so. These key points are vital for WP distribution order and how we can effectively get on the same server as quickly as possible. If your planning to get the PS2 version your more then welcome to join us anyway.

I'll see you guys there...

Edit: if you want to be included in our world pass endevors please make sure you have posted on the FFXI AIM thread and have included your AIM screen name or you might miss out!!! while we plan to obtain additional worldpasses just in case, we'd like a resonably accurate number to work with

---HC out