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Full Version: Crimson Skies
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Is anyone else excited about this release? (This coming Tuesday, the 21st.)

I am so getting XBL just to play this online, I was a huge fan of the first one on PC, and I've been frothing with anticipation for the Xbox version since....whenever it was announced (a long time ago, it seems!)

I really dig the arcade style flight action (a la Ace Combat series), and the cool alterna-world-post-depression/apocalyptic-flyboy-air-pirate (!) setting is just too fun.
I am!
And I agree wholeheartedly. The setting sounds way cool. Hopefully, I can purchase this one soon after release. I dunno though, I have quite a few things on the "to purchase" horizon. beigesmile.gif
also, I can remember them talking about this game like a year ago. I just hope that the long delay doesn't mean that they screwed it all up over-thinking it.
I thought it was next week but maybe i mixed it with Rainbow 6 yeah i'll be getting it this week hopefully.
All the reviews I've seen of it so far are stellar, and the gameplay looks to be the same as the old PC one, which was kick ass. I have no doubts this game will rock.
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Oct 19 2003, 05:27 PM)
and the cool alterna-world-post-depression/apocalyptic-flyboy-air-pirate (!) setting is just too fun.

OMG! are you being corrupted by pirates?!?!
Naw, of course not!!! My XBL gamertag is "Token Ninja", so I'll just be cleansing the skies of all those damn pirates. Of course, ninjas don't even need a plane to of course I will have the advantage.
Ok, I'm about to go online with this, so if anyone else got it, look me up!

Remember: Token Ninja
cool, give us a review of your first endevors at-emote1.gif
hmm I just might pick this one up, I love aerial combat games, and this one has the bonus of being online!

What are the online game options like? any team based combat? capture the flag types?
Yeah, there are 6 main game types. Dogfight, Team Dogfight (deathmatch and team deathmatch, respectively), then theres 2 "keep away" games, solo and team versions. Then there is Capture the Flag and some other mode involving chasing a chicken that I haven't tried out yet.

And the maps are AMAZING. There is so much terrain to cover, and the variety between the different areas is awesome. My favorite so far has to be the Chicago map, where you are flying in between towering skyscrapers and buzzing the city streets.
ok... i just bought this game today. It's sitting in my backpack waiting to go home and be unwrapped and played. I don't have a LIVE kit yet, but I plan on getting one soon. I can't wait to fly around and shoot someone out of the sky.

wayback machine time - Did anyone ever have Starlancer for the DC? That game had an online dogfighting game you could play. It was kinda fun... just so-so. The play area wasn't very big though. And there were usually only like three people ever online.

side note - I played Crimson Sea. Note - SEA. One word - BLA.
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