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the following members have not reported back to HQ for quite a while now. so i thought i'd put up a missing persons flyer.

we are missing:

+ more?

if you have information about these people please post it here. or if you have a name im forgetting. post it here also.
Gradius goes to PSOW I think as TedEdFred. Oneida was on the iB. No idea about Rubius or Manami at all :\ CFX was on the iB as well for a few posts, and I'm sure we could find him at FFOZone. I saw Diaz about a month or so ago on MSN. He wasn't on for very long though.
I thought I would mention Wolvie, I see him signed on to msn quite often but I haven't talked to him in a while.

I remember in the waning days of v2, a certain OB1, remember him? I'm not sure if he was ever inducted into AT but I know he was on the waiting list.

Also I ran into Galactia when Episode 1&2 first came out. I remember he was always active on the old Ezboard. Unfortunately he has not shown up in any recent Guild Card searches.
Galactia is in AT? Hmm.. I swear I saw a fomarl named Galactia the other day.
heh, yeah i forgot wolvie.. damn cold, its getting to my brain.. -_-

i havent seen a sign of him, obi1, galactia, rubius, gradius, or diaz since DC pso died out.
I saw a fomarl named Galactia the other day.

Yep that's the one beigeroll.gif

Galactia was really active when we were on Ezboard. Wow that was quite a long time ago beigebigeek.gif

IVI will have to clear this up as to whether he was AT beigeconfused.gif
I played with Galactia just a few nights ago. He hooked me up with a Red Partisan. AFAIK he was a member of AT back in the day. One of the first "new" people that joined after the tribe officially formed, I think.
I know rubious quit PSO back in the ver1 days. He said something about it interfering with school, so he had to leave PSO.
actualy Galactia (kabuki64) was never AT. i had asked him if he was looking to join since he was quite active on our board, but he said he really wasnt the Guild type. *shrug*

i remember rubius was indeed on v2 for a while. he gave me a s-rank spread needle. beigelaugh.gif then one day vanished from PSO and all pso forums.
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