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Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > The Apocalypse Bar
Clay dusts off all the bottles and glasses and throws away a plate of chicken wings retehe must have left here 5 months ago...

he Pours a healthy amount of dark liquor over crystal clear ice, and out of an old looking bottle, taking a long pull from the drink he ponders upon recent developments, he begins to daydream of vana'diel when suddenly the door to the bar slides open.

whoever that is, i hope your up for a drink.

Let's see....

For a starting round....

A Belfast Car Bomb
2 straight shots of Gin
1 shot of Goldschlager
2 Guinness drafts
....and I guess a dry Whiskey

buttrock.gif toast.gif

Dunno what everyone else wants....or my selection for round 2, lol.

--Mmm, I could take Car Bombs all night....they're just too good.
Clay lines up three shot glasses infront of bantam, filling them with the various requested liquor, spinning the bottles like a pair of nickel plated six-shooters as he sets them back beneath the bar and returns to a standing position with two tall cans of guiness

now i'd be lying to you if i told you i know how to make a belfast car bomb. beigelaugh.gif


the bartender pours and takes a shot of youkon jackson permafrost
QUOTE (Claymore @ Oct 24 2003, 02:33 AM)
Clay lines up three shot glasses infront of bantam, filling them with the various requested liquor, spinning the bottles like a pair of nickel plated six-shooters as he sets them back beneath the bar and returns to a standing position with two tall cans of guiness

now i'd be lying to you if i told you i know how to make a belfast car bomb.  :lol


the bartender pours and takes a shot of youkon jackson permafrost

Yeah heh heh heeaaahh!!


Now I'd be lying if I could fully remember the complete list of ingredients, myself. I was apparently too drunk at the time to remember details about this awesome drink, but not quite drunk enough to prevent me from kicking ass all over the place in Cvs2/MvsC2/SC2....I don't even recall what characters I used, lol.

Hrmmm, well it's set up with Bailey's Irish Cream in a shot glass, with something else added for extra kick. <--That would be the ingredient that has slipped my mind. Then you fill a tall glass to the brim with a hearty Guinness Draught. Okay, this is the important part....whoever is setting to drink this grabs the glass and waits for the bartender to drop the shot, glass and all, into the Guinness....when prompted, the drinker MUST wait until the shot hits bottom and then begins to drink the whole thing dry in one fell swoop, stopping only when the glass is empty and the shotglass hits their mouth/teeth.

It's an awesome rush, a kickass drink, and tough to keep your shirt clean when you drink one. Heh heh.

--Now that I think about it....a Manhattan sounds good right about now.
~The doors open and in walks a stunning young woman with dark skin, tall pointed ears, and long jet-black hair. Her emerald eyes glint and a smile spreads across her face as she surveys the familiar establishment.~

Sure has been a while... she mutters to herself, sauntering up to the bar.

Heya Clay, how ya been? *smiles* How about fixing me a strawberry daiquiri to start things off right?

The door bursts open and a young man walks through with a bit of anger in his step. A hood covers his eyes -- all you can make out is his long, black hair, glistening in the dim light. He finds a secluded seat, surrounded by no one, just the way he likes it. He looks up with a grin towards the bar tender and mutters...

Scotch, no ice....

He then looks back down, and, without a sound, waits patiently for his drink.
the Bald, Tattooed bartender Mixes a special daquiri for the ever stunning layrinn, with fresh strawberries and alittle extra rum. he sets the red concoction on the bar in front of his good friend

It's been entirely too long since we all had a drink togeather.

The bartender nods at the hooded man at the end of the bar; pulling out a chilled bottle of finely aged Scotch, he fills a tumbler half full and slides it down the bar like he's done a hundered times before, not spilling a drop. he grabs his drink and speaks:

I think a toast is in order, To old, and New Friends - and the Principality of Apocalypse, may it reign a thousand years.
Before taking a sip, the the hooded man flips back his hood, revealing his face to show that it's the one and only Camulus. He smiles, then laughs and raises his drink into the air and, in a friendly tone, says...

To old and new friends, or should I say famiy?.
"This looks like a nice place to destroy!" bellows the squatty green robot as he enters the room.
Unitself picks up a chair in his vice like claws and raises it over his head.
The bar falls silent and the patrons turn their heads in the direction of the intrusive noise. Unitself stops himself before throwing the chair out into the street.
"BZZZZZT? Wait a sec. I can't destroy this place! I know these people! " mumbles the robot as he slowly puts down the chair.
"Hey everyone!"
Unitself walks up to the bar, pulls out an empty stool and sits down.
"Hey there! Gimmie a bottle of your best and finest homebrew."
The dimly lit atmosphere of the bar allows her silhouette’s mobile form attention in its crusade to the counter. Once at its desired destination, her features become more distinct. A maroon cloak covers and forest-green tunic, placing emphasis on fiery, red hair. Chimaera’s laughing, chocolate eyes lay centered on the bartender and a fist whose actions are far from gentle, connect to the wooden surface of said counter, alerting the bartender of her position.

Three shots of whisky, right here!

She sits back in her stool, observing the other visitors on what appears to be a momentous occasion.
A 7-foot galka by the name of Zengar enters the bar with alittle difficulty thanks to his large body mass. The large fellow makes his way to the bar.

Yeah, I'd like 4 shots of whiskey and some Kalua and cream please. Also, might I suggest widening that door? It was rather difficult getting in without breaking it. Most would just crash through, but I'd rather spare folks the grief brought on by such property damage.

Zengar was strong, however was very intelligent for his kind. Unlike some of his fellow galka, Zengar loved all races, including the humes. He also had a strong sense of justice and honor.
~cosmic visitation.. ;p

As the newly arrived visitors begin to settle in & observe their surroundings, phased sounds shot out beyond the sturdy door; beyond the windows, reddish lights accompany the eerie sounds in perfect accord ~ sounds of warning, of something unfamiliar to the lands of Vana’Diel. Silence falls as all look towards the front in warning, the sounds of trouble - sounds of pain. A loud screech came from the belly of a creature, its bulking form crashes into the door - shattering it to pieces, the phased ruby light pulse through the air & hit the creature once more, a final time. The creature, unfamiliar to the inhabitants of Vana’Diel, collapses in a crumpled heap to an endless sleep.

A brief shock courses through the community; unerved by the alien nature of the event. Footsteps follow, revealing a presence - a being unlike nothing anyone had ever seen. Cloaked, all that is visible lies in an unusual device held in this being’s right hand - the source of the ruby light. From the swirl of dust, a form could be described, that of a woman - her cold gaze meet the shocked crowd, quickly scanning the area ~ as if anticipating further danger. Violet eyes flicker, a mysterious contrast against snowy, spiked hair; upon quick inspection, she nods in satisfaction. The barkeep, unraveled by the event - speaks in a dialect unknown to the woman; her piercing gaze meets his. In a swift motion, she taps her left arm that glowed with unwavering golden light. After a moment, she has his words spoken again; this time, she understands & bows before him.

“My apologies ~ I shall fix your door..”

The woman turns, her left hand glows with golden light ~ it is here that many would claim a miracle had taken place...All shards, every tiny remnant of what was once the door ~ elevate in silence & re-assemble with inhuman precision. The crowd watches in silence, a few gasp at the spectacle; the door is whole once again..

Nodding in satisfaction, the woman turns to face the crowd & looks curiously at several faces, some of whom were familiar from somewhere ~ especially one with emerald eyes, though details escape her.

“Deja-vu..” She muses to herself, then realizes suddenly, “How do i forget the time; i must return & reclaim my bounty on Pioneer 2..” Upon grabbing the corpse of her latest bounty, she bows once more & within a flash of multi-colored light, vanishes.

It is a tale that many will speak of in the coming years throughout Vana'Diel, of an event that defied rational explanation ~ of a being that came & went, from elsewhere; perhaps from the heavens, perhaps from ~ beyond...Stories spoken in earnest, shall eventually become fabled myth ~ who would believe it anyways? ;p
The bartender, while distracted greeting Zengar and Chimaera doesn't notice the crimson lights outside at first, then the door explodes! that sort of thing has a tendancy to snap you back to reality with a harsh quickness. fists allready clenched he was a mere impule away from jumping over the bar and defending his establishment when the mysterious anomaly spoke.... oddly, and though he had never seen the woman before, her voice echoed deep within his psyche. it was vaguely firmiliar, but where, or When had he heard it before? he raises an eye-brow and looks at his friends, then lets out a hearty laugh.

Bwahahaha... haha.. ha... Never a dull moment in the apocalypse Bar, that i can asure you my friends! Don't let those drinks get warm, the next round is on the house!
Hey there, scu (she pronouces it "skoo")... thanks for not tearing up the place, neh? ^.~

Layrinn sits at the bar chatting with her friends, a bright smile on her face. Her cheeks are already a little rosy from the "special" drink served to her. (she never has been a heavy drinker)

What did you put in this? *^.^*

Her burly friend simply winks in response. Moments later the calm is shattered (along with the front door) by the sudden entrance of the mysterious woman. The woman has the whole room's attention and 'Rinn is no exception; she stares, mouth agape, at the stunning figure before her. A small gasp escapes 'Rinn's lips ~ not because of the little trick with fixing the door... she's seen plenty of magic in her days ~ but for an entirely different reason. The woman bows...

Are you sure you can't stay for a....

... and disappears as quickly as she came.

... drink? ... oh.

'Rinn turns back to the bar, looking a little disappointed. Of course, that doesn't last long as the warm host of the establishment swiftly brightens the mood once again. 'Rinn downs the rest of her drink.

Sure, I'll have another. ^.~
~It's during this instance that the cloaked woman re-appears, all shift gaze once again to notice her searching the archaic barroom in haste, almost as if she misplaced something of import…After a valiant effort, she sighs & shakes her head..

“Not good, looks like i'm trapped on this world a while longer.."

she straightens & walks in silence to take a seat at the bar; with a motion of her hand, violet eyes gaze at the barkeep..

"what kinds of drink does your world have to offer? It looks like I'll be needing one.."
Camulus noticed none of what just happened, at this point he was drunker then every Irish man put together. One glass of scotch always did this to him, but he never learns. He just sat there staring at the empty glass as a million thoughts ran through his head, servers, world passes, link shell names, all this confused him.

He then began to eat the free pretzels to sober up. Slowly he came back to reality, and hit thoughts slowed down. Cam saw his wife across the bar and walked, or should I say wobbled on over to her and sad down beside her, gave her a kiss and smiled. And it started all over again...

Scotch, no ice.
Maybe it's the alcohol... maybe it's the affectionate exchange between Camulus and Chimera... or maybe it's the odd sense of familiarity she gets from the stranger... but something compels Layrinn to walk over and take a seat next to the bar's newest guest.

Hi, my name's Layrinn.. but everyone just calls me 'Rinn. *smiles*

'Rinn signals the bartender to bring the two of them something to drink.

That's some unusual magic you wield... I've never seen anything quite like it before. Where 'ya from?
Downcast, the woman gazes into the distance - as if occupied with options, deciding options that could get her off this world & back to delivering her bounty; she absently awaits for her drink...She notices a soothing touch to her right ~ nudging her back to the present. A maiden, the one that caught her curiosity from before, now faces her with friendly eyes & cheery smile as she introduces herself.

The violet eyes sparkle with intrigue..

'Rinn, is it? Hello.. hands brush, fingertips touch in greeting - as if meeting a kindred soul, so familiar was she that the woman became momentarily startled; regaining her stature, she continues.. I travel star-filled paths ~ to officials, I am a hunter; to the hunted, I am a nightmare; but to friends, I am known as ~ eclypse..

the atmosphere settled in dim-lit, cheery comfort as the 2 become lost in intimate discussion, of far-off worlds & whispers of cosmic dreams..
A cloaked person stumbles into the bar and makes their way over to an empty table. After sitting the person falls face first onto the table. The sound of snoring can be heard
Holy crap...
How long do I have to wait to get a @#$%ing drink around here!
*throws chair that hits no one*

and geez! Where'd everyone go? This bar used to so loud you had to yell just to be heard!
*serves up free drinks for the ever patient patrons of the Apocalypse Bar, and a Pillow for Linka*
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