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Hey people, if anyone here is into X-men and wants to Role play them or any orrignal char they wrote come visit Me and the Missesis (SP?) site

and see if you wanna join. if so create a bio for the char you wanna play (if their not taken) and e-mail me or Chimaera

You can remove this post ay any time.
Hey now that's awesome. Looks like you put a lot of work into it, I am a huge X-Men fan as well, been reading the comics for almost 20(!) years now. Thanks for sharing your site, there's no reason to delete your post, we appreciate the link.

So then are you going to consider joining? beigesmile.gif The more, the merrier.
Hell yea I'll sign up, why not beigebigeek.gif

Can we make new X-Men characters?
Yea you can make a new one e-mail me or chim a bio of the char, and we'll put it up.
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