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Full Version: FFXI Organizational Review
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After some heated discussion and an impromptu meeting, The upper ranks of AT have decided to make some pertinent facts known. There was some confusion as to who is handling the server issues, and a few things were misconstrued. Newer AT members and new users to the board will gain some insight in this article.

The following members are handling the server issue, Claymore and HC82. World Passes are being distributed through Kazicht, Camulus, and Crushinator. HC82 has a plan that will afford the least problems. If we all follow this plan, we will all be on the same server in no time.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce the upcoming release of the Apocalypse Tribe FAQ. It should answer any questions that I'm sure many of our newer members and forum users have.

Thanks for your patience in this matter and I look forward to playing with all of you soon.

I don't think certain members of the AT knew that some of us are responsible for organizational group efforts. Whenever some sort of group effort needs to be made as a whole, certain members are required to take responsibilty for the sake of the guild. In my case you will notice I'm not getting the PC version, yet have been involved in the organization of the server move unannounced. It might of seemed as a surprise, so some ATers might not of understood why I suddenly began organizing this whole server move. As a result of this some ATers might of thought I was over stepping my boundaries, yet in fact it is part of my duty as along time ATer. Regardless of how few posts I might have in relation to other memebers, I have to fulfill certain tasks, assuming noone else is willing to do so.

One misunderstanding is that, even though certain people are responsible for group efforts, that still means that everyone should add any ideas to the lot. So while certain ATers are responsible for certain things around the forum, everyone's opinion is important, so don't feel less inclined to speak up.
Why do I have a feeling this is all going to go to pieces once the game gets here? Our little "AIM World Summit Conference" is good, but if we're getting people from other boards, I think this is a train wreck in the making. Thankfully I will be completely outside of this equation.
It is REALLY not as complicated as everyone is skewing it up to be.

15 or so people are involved in the world pass plan. each world pass enables 5 people to hop to the server we decide on. so 4 world passes will more than cover everyone.

problem solved. really.

dont look at the meeting like a world summit, lol. that is extreme. it will seriously be more like a casual FFXI chat now. im looking forward to it and i hope everyone is. instead of dreading it, it should be a good time.

we are at-emote1.gif after all.
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Oct 24 2003, 08:17 AM)
Thankfully I will be completely outside of this equation.

What do you mean by this statement? That was a little cryptic.
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