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Full Version: Not geting FFXI (ever)?
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Well if you are not getting this game, for whatever reason. Let us know here, and let's discuss other online games we can meet up in. Of course there is still PSO!, and there are a multitude of X-Box Live titles. I myself play a bit of Star Wars Galaxies and some FPS on the PC. TFLO is a ways off, so let's ignore that for the time being and focus on what's available now.

If anything just let me know who will not be on this game ever. You will not be left out in the cold.

I guarantee it. at-emote1.gif
Me. . >_>

Right now I'm on EQ, 2 MMORPG's is outta the question for me. Once in a while, Aliens vs. Predator 2, for laughs anyway (FPS's on 56k, bleh)

Oh, and StarCraft, I play that whenever anyone asks me to. :D (still finds SC fun)

I won't be on FFXI ever, just doesn't appeal to me.

*sits out in the cold bus stop bench*

There's a chance that I might get it.
There's a higher chance that I won't.
Fees are kinda setting me back.
I'll be on PSO Ep.III though.
I would've been on C&C Renegade but I couldn't install it. =T
*shakes fist at cd-rom drive*

If I ever get FFXI though... I probably won't get it till later in the year (next year perhaps?).
Let's just hope my impulse buying won't cut in this time.

me. I highly doubt I will be getting it.
1. No PC. Mac guy.
2. No PS2. Xbox, GC and DC for me.

I have toyed with the idea of passing, but I want to tag along with AT again.

Besides, having a dozen or so pals on FFXI beats having... *counts* three really reliable friends to chill with on EverQuest regularly, and all three of them are eventually getting FFXI too.

QUOTE (Sgt. Retehi @ Oct 24 2003, 06:20 PM)
*sits out in the cold bus stop bench*

*passes out thick, comforting wool blankets to everyone.. beigesmile.gif* well, after thinking long & hard - i decided not to get this game for several reasons.. the first being that i now want my level 200 status for eclypse, the second being that ff-online doesn't look to be a part of my fate - i'm fated elsewhere.. =. by the time i manage a level 200 in PsO, then episode 3 shall arrive & i'll mostly be caught up with that.. 3rd & foremost, my life beyond the web has taken a unique twist, career-wise ~ i gots to start focusing on taking the GRE exam this upcoming spring, so i needs to dedicate to studying...since my time these days is so minimal for the things i like to do, it's time to make serious decisions about how i spend it.. ^^ if i get mentally scattered, then i may not do well on the things that matter most.. *snuggles in a blanket, dreaming of PsO*
I want to get it eventually, but I'm not really sure until I see how the pricing for the PS2 will work out because of several reasons.
1. I have no PS2 Network Adapter yet and that"ll cost $40,
2. The game along with the HDD will be $100 so the total amount so far I'll have to spend is $140.
3. I don't know how monthly fees will be.
4. I also want lvl 200 status on at least 2 of my PSO chars.
5. I'm also planning on getting PSO ep3 and TFLO if it looks good because I still have an XBox live account I plan to make use of.

Despite all of these reasons, I may somehow be able to get the game and manage everything and still do good in school. I'll have to see come spring of next year.

Hey, my first post!!

Anyways . . . the EB monsters are saying the game will get in maybe tomorrow . . . maybe friday . . . so I should be getting on either tomorrow night or friday afternoon before halloween fun

Hey Welcome aboard Archlight0, you came to the right place if you were looking for the coolest gamers on the 'net. I hope you will be able to join us on our FFXI server! beigebiggrin.gif
thanks Dive . . . I'll be doing the posting thing a little more once I actually get the blasted game . . .
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