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Full Version: More Halloween fan art (GGXX Style)
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and there you have it, god damn I love openCanvas
That's so badass. I've seen some of your stuff at The Arcade before, and it always impresses me.
Impressive indeed.

Welcome to the board, btw. beigesmile.gif
nicely done. and welcome to ATHQ.
Hey, wow... hell yeah, that looks great! Ino is the perfect choice for a halloween pic. Somehow I doubt it's candy that she's after, though. ^.~

Thanks for sharing that with us. =)

And welcome to ATHQ. ^.~ Enjoy yourself here, and hope to see you soon on Vana'Diel!
Whoah.... superb.
~interesting *nods* - your technique creates a dream-like quality, Archlight0 ~ if i may inquire, what art material(s) did you use to make that? =.

& welcome to the tribe.. at-emote1.gif war.gif
well to get that one done, it started as a pencil sketch, and after scanning and cleaning up the sketch a little in Photoshop, I did all the colouring in OpenCanvas and mostly used the brush and a slightly modified pencil, then for the final designy bits I dumped it back into photoshop.
Ack . . . . that was me above . . . to early . . . didn't log in
Angel of Enders
As much as I like the art, it dosen't change the fact that I really hate fighting her.
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