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Full Version: My artwork made it to Minhiro!
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Donkey's HUnewearl
Wow, I thought I was gonna have to wait for a couple of months for them to post it up. hekeke.
Its even on the front page.buttrock.gif

I posted the original versions at The Arcade. Its not there anymore since they made the move.
And the forums are down for some reason. So I guess I'll repost them here.

Anyway, here's the rough version of it. I was gonna leave it like this.
user posted image

And here's the final one. There were a couple things I had to fix and add.
user posted image

I was lazy to color it but I got it done. (took a couple of months just to force myself to color it)
I used Photoshop for coloring and Illustrator for the text and chat symbol.

If you guys want the wallpaper version, I'll post that up too. shades.gif

...! Oo

well done ~ that is so pretty!! =D *gives dj the -at- trophy.. trophy.gif* truly, this piece is very inspiring ~ now i want a scanner even more.. ;)
Angel of Enders
It's fuckin awesome. *thumbs up*
Yea I loved that pic. I dont recall seeing the colored one though but it looks so awasome. LoL I love that little Hi symbol you got there thats just so stylish and classy. Thats like the final pose when you do like 3000 hit combo or something just too cool martialartist.gif.

*wishes he could draw like teh Donkey* crash.gif
Yes i remember seeing that art DJ,congrats on making Minhiro buttrock.gif
beigebigeek.gif I almost missed this completely with all the activity here!

I am very impressed DJ, great job!
Well done...I wish I could draw worth a darn... ;p at-emote1.gif
Daaammmn DJ!!!

I love your style!! :D

Congrats on getting the Hunny posted at Minhiro!


That's really good DJ.
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