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Full Version: Annoying New Member Post: 100% Gauranteed!!
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to wast precious web space in order to greet you. Some of you know me on FFXI.. well now I'm here. Thank Kazicht for inviting me, now you'll have to deal with me. mwahaha *dies boo.gif
Greetings vana'diel native!

welcome to ATHQ, tell us alittle about yourself and enjoy our community!
> Kachiko

I'm looking forward to tearing up the countryside with you soon.
Hey hey, Kachiko, it's Kylindar. ^_^

Glad to see you here, and I'll see you online sometime soon. ;)

hi everyone? A little about myself? I'm a weird mix of races.. I used to like fighting when I was growing up, and I studied martial arts for 10 years. I like all types of Music(I'm an ecclectic), I love eating alot.. but I"m very small at a whopping 5 feet...I lose weight too fast, and I don't gain it entirely fast enough. Anything else you wanna know? ^^

Hey..glad you made it here :D

Yeah, if you enjoyed partying up with me and Camulus, you'll love killing stuff with any of these other members here. There all great people and always have a hell of a time with them, hehe.

Hey, I'm mixed too...not of races, but of a few nationalites..and you know what they say; "we're not short! We're space efficient!!." beigebigrazz.gif
Whoa...I'm also kinda underwight for my size (5'3)...coming in at a measly 105 LBS. I know a few girls that would love to have my figure, haha beigebigrazz.gif Go super duper matablism power!!

Anyway, we'll definilty be partying up can bet on it! See ya later...
Hi, remember me??

I'm the kid who had a report due on space.

**waits for someone to get the reference**



You know me, I'm the loveable rascal....who plays the bringer of pain, the wizard of weapons, with a class that kicks tons of ass - a giant female Elvaan machine of total destruction....aka Alisah.

We are honored with your presence, small one.

Let's make this an unforgettable affair, neh??

beigelaugh.gif at, I've been there let me tell ya.

--Keeping the flame alive, all through the night.

Hi, remember me??

I'm the kid who had a report due on space.

**waits for someone to get the reference**


Hey, I remember that.. Encyclopedi britanica commercial beigebiggrin.gif. Gee I was like 7 or something.. but I used to find that kid annoying... wait I even remember the ORIGINAL commercial when he actually had that report due. Ah, those days were "special"
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