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Full Version: PCs: A love-hate relationship
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Ah, the good ol' PC... we all love 'em... that is, when they work right. When they don't, man does it suck. x.x Tonight was an excersice in frustration... read on if you care to witness my rant. ;p

My PC's main hard drive decided to die on me tonight. wheee.... Five hours spent replacing the drive (thank goodness I still had my old PC's drive lying around) reinstalling windows, drivers, updates, etc. etc. etc. x.X I'm a little ticked at myself... I should have seen this coming: I've had problems with this drive ever since I got this PC a few months ago. I guess two 12+ hour sessions of FFXI was all it took to push it over the edge. >.>;;

Bad news:
Bye-bye 80GB of storage space. =(
Having to reinstall Win2k from scratch.
Having to download that god-awful patch for FFXI a second time. x.x

Good news:
I had a spare drive and was able to recover my system tonight.
The drive that failed only had the OS and apps on it; all of my data was stored on a separate physical drive. Nothing was lost that can't be replaced.
The dead hard drive seems to have taken all the mysterious little system glitches with it... my PC is running better than ever now. =3

Anyways... all's well that ends well, I suppose. But I sure would have rather spent the last five hours hunting baddies on Vana'Diel than reinstalling Win2k. =/

... ok, done ranting now. ^.^;

Bantam: this explains why I disappeared suddenly after we got pwnzed by that cheap goblin... I hope you didn't think I left 'cause I was upset or anything. ;p

Camulus: thank you very much for keeping me company tonight. =) Having someone nice to talk to made this process bearable. *rocks out to Dream Theater* buttrock.gif
Ouch...... man that sucks rinn. But glad to hear you managed to get things back up and running.
Damn Rinn and I thought I was having a rough day with my pc dilemma. I'm glad to hear you got it sorted out.

All I had to do was install Windows XP, lose my NIC driver, uninstall XP, find driver, reinstall XP, and numerous updates and driver searches later...FFXI is up and running with no more lock ups.

crash.gif beigebiggrin.gif
Ah, the things we do for our passions... beigeroll.gif

.. or is that addictions? *shrugs*

Dive, I'm glad to hear you're straightened out too. Maybe tomorrow we'll finally get to play together. ^.~ But right now, I'm gonna get some much needed sleep. With any luck, our PCs will continue to function tomorrow morning. ;p

crash.gif crash.gif crash.gif <-- how could I forget? beigelaugh.gif
Well...I have bad my bad days, but luckely not with crashes...I had my Win2k server hard disk go out..or just about go out one day. I was barely able to save the data before the drive failed. I was getting data errors all over the disk while I was transfering data. Replaced a 20GB with a 80GB drive, whee. Other than that, I used to get a ton of DNS errors in the game and DCed numerous times, which I think was related to my dumb DNS server in the other room...the Win2k server. *sigh*. Anyways, glad to hear your problem is finally fixed too.

Dive: I am wondering why you had to uninstall WinXP and reinstall it to get a NIC driver to work? Would it not install with WinXP correctly? I am running WinXP and directly install it without doing a upgrade. I think it is a cleaner install. at-emote1.gif
~this is unfortunate to see, sis.. =/ & this is the reason why i despise computer components that have moving parts ~ the wear & tear scenario.. *shakes head* i swear there has to be a better way...i pray for future computers to break away from both silicon & moving parts in times to come.. well, it's good to see that you managed to salvage & survive the ordeal.. ^^

*gazes at GC..* =/
Yea sorry this happned, I know it isn't fun reinstalling all that stuff. X_x

My PC has been acting all pissy ever since the power went out during a freaking disk cleanup. .

PC's bring so much fun and pain, whee!
Ahh...don't sweat it. I kinda dozed off myself only half an hour later, so it's all good. It still doesn't cover up the fact that PC problems are all too common nowadays....and it really sucks you had to go through all of that just to get it back in working condition.

Meanwhile, my anti-virus software kicked me off the game three times today. I swear, if it's not that it's my fumble fingers accidently striking the stupid Windows key while going for Ctrl.

--P.S. I hereby declare mass genocide on all goblins.
...And I thought failing my O-Chem exam was bad....
Ah, It was my pleasure Rinn, talking to ya beats playing 10 to 1.

I'm just glad PC's have removeable parts, better one things breaks and you fix one thing, rather than total system shutdown.

Stop Errors piss me off.

Esp. the one that "Dumps Phyiscal memory To Disk"

::My Hopes for the future:: Microsoft will finally make a OS that works.

If only everything was Linux Compatible......
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