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Full Version: Harvest Moon
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Hrm... maybe I am the only one who is really looking forward to these two games? The GBA comes out on Nov. 11 and then the GC version comes out early Jan. I haven't played the older versions, but I am a huge Animal Crossing fan so I am betting that this game is right up my alley. Plus, there is a (growing) side of me that just wants to drop all of this crap and raise out own food. beigesmile.gif
I will be getting the GBA game right when it comes out. I know you all will be too.

links for those of you who are confused
GC -
~so which girl do you intend to marry, scu? =} lol, i once knew a forum buddy that raved about the series; i've only read about HM, i've never tried any of them.. >.<
I might have to run it by my actual wife first. beigesmile.gif
Heh, that's cool, I didn't know they were making a Harvest Moon for GC. I played it on N64, I thought it was fun. Oh and sorry guys that I haven't been posting lately, I've been rather busy with my senior year and living arrangements for when I move back to Florida and college crap. spinning.gif
I played the N64 version too, and I thought it was fun.
Oh, and you're probably right unitself, if you like Animal Crossing, you'll more than likely like this game.
as per my words last night, I promised I would keep us all up to date on my Harvest Moon adventure.
Whelp, the @#$%ing stores didn't have it in yet. It was supposed to ship yesterday, but alas. BLAH! Now the delivery date says 11/16! And I even wore my overalls, rubber boots, gloves and straw hat into work today in preperation for an evening of GBA farmin (and courtin) fun!

anyway, hold on tight kids.
Ok! Good news! Apparently 11/16 actually meant 11/13 at other stores!
GBA farming goodness I am!
This game makes me so very happy. I can't wait 'til January to pick up the GC version. I have planted crops... I own a horse... I am going to buy a sheep and a cow soon... I am trying to upgrade my tools (I need a refresher on how to)... I have fished... I climbed to the top of the mountain... I broke open some stones in the one of the mines.
It's the life I have always wanted to live... and now I can! Plus, I can fit it in my pocket!!

ps - the girls seem nice and tey are pretty. I am not sure which one I will try and woo...
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