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Full Version: psp developments.. ^.-
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magic box : nov 4 ~psp specs..

a potential concept look for the upcoming psp.. =) it would seem that Sony has taken its development into a radically different direction from that of the SP (GBA) ~ i like the design, it has the future edge that Sony is well known for.. ^^


Sony is definitely not playing around, the specs look both promising & formidable; if Sony delivers, then power will shift within the handheld industry.. =.
Hey, that's pretty cool. Although, I can't get a relative size of the thing. The pics make it look really small, but I know it can't be because of the media size. I bet they are around the same size as a mini-disk is, the media that is... Which would make it a bit larger than the second photo (closed version).
Another thing, I am not so sure about the buttons. They look to be flush with the face. I prefer a button that sticks up more, so I know where my fingers are pressing. Also, I would give anything to see a joystick instead of a d-pad. Even if it were just a tiny one, just something other than the d-pad.
I just noticed that these are concept pics. Hrm...
Did you notice that it takes the memory stick? It also supports mp3 format. I wonder if it can double as an mp3 player. Storing songs on the memory stick and such.
Damn... this little guy is more powerful than my first computer! beigesmile.gif Much more.

side note - I wonder if it'll break in a year like my Sony DVD player and my Sony TV did! BAH!!
yah, this is the nitch that will make Sony's stand out from the others ~ not just a gaming machine, but more along the lines of multimedia.. =. mp3's would be neat, especially if the system could store a set amount ~ like the ipod; i could see the mp3 idea working to start off the 1st generation of their handheld..

this is true, the device did look a tad small when compared to the UMD's.. =/ but then, it's a concept ~ something that they'll remedy, i'm certain.. ^^

edit* ~ came across these 2 links that show better scaling between the psp & UMD's.. =. after viewing the images, i can definitely see how this can work.. also, be sure to check out the pdf presentation of Ken Kutaragi ~ the last page is priceless, & there is a decent pic of the psp ~ enjoy.. =D here be the links..

psp - 1
psp - 2
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