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Full Version: Final Fantasy 7 movie
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I'm sure you guys all heard about the FFVII movie that's coming out. Here's a link I stumbled upon about it.

I personally can't wait. Now, when they say that Sephiroth was seen on a Tokyo game show, do they mean within the movie itself or that the movie was advertized on said show? The former would be hillarious, I think :D
Yeah, I first read about this about a month ago.
I'm realy psyched about it too...I'm probably gonna import it as soon as it hits the JP market in spring. Hopefully a version with subtitles if its available...

And I'm really happy about Tetsuya Nomura heading up the project. He's one of the most inspiring illustrators/designers to me, and I've studied off his material for a few years. His style is so fantastic...

Anyway, this is the current Square Enix project that Im most antisipating thus far...well this and any news about Final Fantasy XII.

::Crosses fingers for a FF VIII sequal/movie type thing::
They're also remaking the video game with better graphics, I heard. I'm psyched about that, too :D
Ah, hate to burst your bubble... but the FFVII & VIII remakes were canned...instead they opted to put the effort into FFVII:AoC, and other current resorces on new projects. Also it was annouced that they are having some finacial problems, which is why FFXII JP release is being pushed back. Sucks for us...
Given the arrival of FFXI, I don't think a longer wait for FF12 will be too bad. FFXI is certainly the type of game to last longer then the usual FF's, especially considering the max level is 200+(I think 255). If all that includes systematic mission/storylines, waiting shouldn't be a problem.
Yeah, and besides... X-2 is out this Wednesday...

X-2 & XI = me not leaving my house for a month.
This is probably going to make me sound retarded (as if the notion wasn't already in your heads), but what's X-2? beigebigrazz.gif
X-2 is FFX part 2 babe
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