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i thought this would be a fun topic where all AT members could disclose how they became a part of our Grand organization. while also being insightful and imformative to the many new users on the forums.

So tribesmen/women, lets hear your personal story on how you became part of the at-emote1.gif

my story is easy - the Apocalypse Tribe originated with yours truely. AT has gone from a set of ideals in my mind to a wonderous nexus of the coolest people i have ever met.

at-emote1.gif buttrock.gif
Awww... check out the Claymore. Bringing back the love. beigesmile.gif
I don't have nearly the history with AT as most of you have, but I can share my story. Brief though it may be.
A long time ago, I used to play PSO, on the Dreamcast, with a great group of guys. As time went on, less and less people were showing their faces on Ragol, so we started losing touch. One day, completely at random, I ran into an old gaming buddy and he mentioned that he had started a BBS called GameTime and that all the old group were there. Awesome! Old friends to get back in touch with! Well, GameTime became GamingCow after a small $$ fee. One day, while discussing PSO, this nice person named Dive told me that if I ever needed people to play PSO with, I should check out the AT. At first I was nervous because I was still low level and I thought you guys were all in the 150's and had no time for a lvl 60 something like me. Dive convinced me otherwise so I gave it a shot. Well, I can say that I am very happy that I made the switch. I have met some really excellent people that I can actually call friends... in what ever way we can be seeing that this is all online and stuff. beigesmile.gif
I bet you almost everyone mentions PSO in this topic hehe...err yeah,after getting PSO and going online,i started to meet some great people,then i went over to PSOW where we could keep talking about PSO and stuff,met Lish,Saitoh,Nyn,Magenta,Mike,Shuri(Kodiak),Rinn,DG,Lysan,Cienna,IVI etc,etc...I remember making my RAcaseal Ann-Dro,which had the {DHS}in front of her name,after getting a little bored with my high level RAmar Riel,and meeting Crush and IVI in a lobby..i was Roleplaying Ann-Dro that morning and IVI was the only one who played along,then he made a game and we played for a while.After a few months,Crush had mentionned AT or Ninjanet i think it is and how i should join you guys...took me a while but i finally joined and stared to post slowly.
I don't consider myself AT, but somehow let's face it the Cow and AT have been running together since the early PSO days (even then there was no Cow per se). Through the PSO people I was introduced to the Cow, then realized that a lot of people I used to play PSO with on DC were either there or on AT. And voila. Now you're stuck with me.
Hmmmmm.... where to begin... During my DC days, I was with the dreamstation folks like KS and Azrael. The only contact I ever had (before this year) with IVI/Claymore was during some BA tourney gfaqs was holding waaaaay back in 2001. We didn't say anything to one another though. At the time I'd never even heard of AT. And very seldom did I go to PSOW where many of the folks here once went.

Fast-forward to November of last year. I'd happened to crash a game with Layrinn, Zorya, and someone else whose name escapes me. We get to DF's 3rd form, and everyone dies except Rinn and Zorya, whom were both tapped out on moons. We'd run into each other a few times in the next couple of months. Then I'd crashed a game with rinn and some other person whose name escapes me. They were talking about this place called voodoo moose, yet I forgot to ask them the URL. I'd found it by doing a google search.

I remember coming here once before Dive posted the link on the Maiden Circuit boards. It wasn't until after that that I'd signed up and began posting. I would end up meeting up with Clay (then Argos), and then Dive and Bryn. The rest is a tad hazy. Then May rolled around, and that's the time I decided to officially join up. Haven't regretted it since.
Back in ver1, I don't remeber when exactly. There were many peroids of who I played with in ver1.

HC PSO memoirs

My beginings
At first I was with gamefaqs for the first 2 or 3 weeks(day 1 of PSO). This was before it became a PSO shit hole. After codes began to come out, I was close to level 100 with Dyne, maybe 98 or so. One person who I played with had to literally WATCH me hit 100, I don't see the big deal, hitting 100 in ver1 was a synch(forces were pretty rare though).

Anywho, after I hit 100 I was like...NOW what? PSO was free, I hadn't maxed base stats when magless(although they were maxed with a mag) and I still needed a few dozen HP mats to fully complete my character. I said, what the hell, I might as well max out Dyne. Through that time, the dupes began to flow through heavily, but it was before the spread needle epidemic. In fact all I had ever seen was my own spread needle, which I found in viridia ruins, any other rare was a total mystery to me. One of my orginal friends, the guy who saw me hit 100 invited me in a game. He busted out a magical peice, I was like OMFG, WHAT'S THAT!!! He gave me a copy of that and a cadeus, I was pretty happy(pyscho wand wasn't even out yet). I was totally oblivious to duping.

I didn't really know much about there being mass dupings, but this kinda tipped me in that direction. At this point, I had a mess load of Hunter rares in my bank, but no second memory card to play a hunter with and I also began to realize how horribly unbalanced the game was. I began to use melee alot more with my FO at this time and then stumbled upon a the second saga of my PSO gaming years.

The hacks

At this time PSO was becoming a bit stale. The gameplay itself was over played and the unbalanced nature was pissing me off. This is before the hacked Hp units came out and was around the time when people were in a frenzy to collect all the rares. No Percentage mods where out at this time and coincidentally, it is also when I began hanging out with different people. The person who I hung out with was none other then DEL, the "duper/cheater" who was infamous on ver2. At that time, his character name was Yellow, a Hunewearl with blonde hair in a white outfit. He didn't know anything about how to use hexidecimal hacks at the time(codebreaker). The other teammate was named Gren, green hair and a blue/light blue outfit. The other was deathstrike, really cool guy, I still have his email address, but I haven't talked to him in 2 years, he was AT material. We play alot, despite being lvl 100. The true nature of PSO came out at this time.

This is where the community social aspect of PSO really kicked in, the game itself was played to death, but we really enjoyed playing with each other in PSO. We both had a common goal, FIND OUT ABOUT THE NEW RARES!!! Everything was a mystery and only the dupe code/money code was around. He would do alot of trading and he also had a gameshark at the time. He would dupe me whatever he got. I created Adol around this time, my Hunter. It was refreshing to play a Hunter, it brought new life into the game. I was also surprised how easy HUmars were. Anyway, I think PK came out and percentage mod codes were slowly coming out. I remeber when we first figured out that Pan Arm blades were force useable, quite the discovery. Anywho, we had a blast playing with each other, getting absorbed in the dupes and hacks. Despite the hacks I always like to keep my own weapons that I found, I hate running around with spread needle, no fun at all.

After awhile, Yellow changed his character name to DEL(Pk was rapant now). I had played with IVI(claymore) at this time. I know for a fact that scrubby FOs were the norm and it was even pissing me off. I think the fact that I was a force who actually knew how to play made an impression on him. Anywho, DEL started introducing me to all these "dubious" folk, all of them PKers. He played alot less now, but almost always with me and deathstrike. Gren was the first to fall out of the circle, let's just say that when someone plays a female character, it doesn't mean they are female. He knew I was a guy, but when it came to Yellow....anyway, moving on. He left PSO and was fairly sad afterward(poor guy).

Enter the AT
At his time I still played with DEL alot, but after gren left, it wasn't quite as fun to play anymore(like we were missing a part of the team). Gren lives in NYC, same place I live, yet he seemed very distant after he thought Yellow was a girl. I had met IVI before this peroid in time, but I was currently grouped with another guild. It all just kinda clicked when I played with the AT, even though I was still playing with Yellow and Gren, but I turned down IVI joining of the guild because I was already in a guild. The guild its self was falling apart and the leader got into a car accident. Everyone in the guild kinda scattered, yet I still hung around in the guild. Eventually I somehow stumbled upon IVI again, we played a heck of alot, crush, zero rubius, probably some other folk who I don't remeber. I decided to just drop my old guild(it was really going nowhere) and I joined AT. We all had a blast playing with each other, kinda like when I met up with Yellow and Gren, but there were alot more people and we all just had a good time playing. Even now I was also playing with AT alot, I was also doing so with and Yellow/Del, me and Del really played all the way into the end of Ver2. Around the time when people said DEL died, he kinda faded off and never used to reply back to my mails. He was alive, had a heart problem or something, either way he distants himself from me after that. He got really caught up in hacking the game and I was focused in actually playing it. I have no idea where he is now, we used to chat via email as well.

PSO ver1-2 Aftermath
Kinda funny, I visited a park near the place where Kaz lives. Out of the blue I see Kaz in the Park. I'm like "HI (insert Kaz's real name here)." First thing I say, "Do you play PSO?" I knew he had a DC from past gaming sessions. He says "Yea, we should play." From then on I played PSO alot more with kaz, someone else who a few of you know as Lucinda Park on GC PSO, snd the AT. They told me to go to PSOW. I had totally forgotten about PSOW, but I had signed up with them around the first week of PSOs release, so if you check out my account date there, you'll see it is very old. I think Dyne corrupted at this time(I really didn't care, to me it was a fresh start). I was more legit and rumors of ver2 were of the horizon. Zero Rubius had to quit PSO(bummer) and AT had gone through about 2 or 3 forums. CrazyFX was the webmaster at the time. He made a recent reapperance in gc PSO, but I think he was just on at the wrong times, most of us were late nighters. I know he was into FFXI as well, it would be great if he could play with us, ill have to check the members list.

Anyway, after I hit 200 in ver2 I stopped playing. I was just TOTALLY burnt out on PSO, considering it took about 10-19 more Million exp to hit 200 in ver2 then it did in gc PSO. AT forum was a state of flux, very difficult time for the AT. After ver2, we kinda got lost in the mix, nothing new on the horizon. We still knew where each of us where, but were more focused with the people who we chatted with the most(ie.Crushinator-Alisha-Oneida). I met up with IVI again on a forum called FFZONE, we wondered about the prospect of FFXI in relation to the AT. We decided to go and dig through old forums and had people get into contact with other people. It took awhile, but as a result we got together again. The new forum was an EZ board forum, very difficult to chat on. Dive hooked us up with this forum and everything went smooth from that point on. So, we been through 5 forums or so? Lol, I still have some of the old URLs on my EZ board account.

That's that.
Wow, HC82 is certainly the historical scribe of AT beigelaugh.gif

Hmmm...I remember meeting IVI in the lobby of Puck-9 (or was it Miranda 7?) I think this must have been about 4-5 months or so afte PSO had come out. Anyways me and my best PSO chum Manami would just hang out in the lobby most of the time chatting, because we had maxed all of our stats...and were both pretty lazy about leveling our secondary characters.

I remember seeing IVI's posts on PSOW so, when I saw him in the lobby I asked him something stupid like "So do you pronounce your name 'eye vee eye' or 'M'?". We started playing a lot together, and as IVI and Zero Rubius were forming AT, he asked me if I wanted to join.

I was leery of aligning myself with any specific group of people with PSOv2's release looming (and the battlemode therein) so I turned him down at first, but said I would consider it once I actually got my hands on PSOv2. Once I got the PSOv2 import, it was pretty clear that it would be a benefit to have a group of english players to hook up with (It wouldn't come out in the US for like 1.5-2 months at this point) so I decided to join up with AT.

I've stuck with it through all the crazy message boards and I hope to stick around for a long time more! at-emote1.gif
~history, our personal history - i find it fascinating how many of us manage to find each other, even after vast amounts of time & change have come to pass.. mine is no exception, like many of the AT folks here - my past began with the release of ver.1 =. since then, i have held many encounters & have met players both great & small ~ though i may not look it, i held several incarnations before now..

the beginnings of my adventures were initially held at gamefaqs *shivers* Oo a brief stay, i assure you; it was there that i came in contact with Mielikki of ~ she spoke of that forum often & had many good things to say, so it was no surprise that i arrived there shortly thereafter - i held another name then, i was known as Sparxx-3.. ;)

~impatient HUnewearl, at u'r service ;) *pokes DarkEpyon* beigesmile.gif

those were good times.. *nods* ver.1 was reaching its height with ver.2 on the horizon.. *shakes head* however, my soul was not one to stay in one place for long during those days & my journey began, venturing to new forums far & wide in relation to PsO (StarCross Legends, PsO World, PoL & ultimately here at ATHQ..) though, my story of how i came here is not as glorious.. =. i remember speaking with Mute & he had good things to say about the ATHQ; during the time, both him & i dealt through tough times together & after i returned to - my curiousity grew to check this place out..

i found the forum by pure luck, actually.. =. for i had neither the address & was uncertain of the name of the forum during that time.. fate turned for the better & i arrived shortly thereafter.. ^^ i recognized several of the folks here ~ Dive, Mute & Riel from PoL; DarkEpyon, Linka & Azrael from

all in all, things have come full circle, who knows where it shall go from here & what the winds have in store for your's truly.. as it stands, i am honored to meet folks of the ATHQ ~ another experience that shall be marked for the memoirs & with the soon-to-be arrival of episode 3, the legacy lives on.. at-emote1.gif
So you were Sparxx-3 eh? I played with you a couple times in v1/v2. I don't think you ever really mentioned your former identity on the boards (or maybe you have and I just don't remember it).
*nods* yah, lots have changed since then & with exception to you, cnc-137, eric, Lyric & IceGoddess ~ the old crew of folks that i remember are no longer there; i tend to catch glympses now & then, but me thinks things are best left as is ~ the PsO thread at is now a shadow of former glory.. =)
The PSO board is pretty much dead. SpiritStarWind still pops in (not for PSO), but not too much anymore.
WoW man reading these post I realize how much of the noob I am compared to you guys. I really have enjoyed reading them too they are so interesting. Its like we are forming some type of PSOAT bible lol. You guys would be Genesis.

Well heres my story.

It all started with my brother who went to college for graphic arts. He had many jpns friends and they talked about one game. PSO. So eventually my brother ends up buying it and I remember seeing the robots in the game and falling in love with them. Being that we couldnt afford online connection we never got to enjoy PSO to its fulness and didnt know what we where missing. Eventually My brother lost interest in but something about it kept me playing. Even when Version 2 came out I still bought it and played it but never got past hard mode. I remember seeing Falz for the first time I was like OMG WTF! this game is the ownerz of me! Anyway, my brother would then pick up interest in the game and make it into ult... When he got there we where like wtf this crap is hard! we never got past gol dragon....

Few years later.
I remember we had just recently gotten up to speed with the world and got internet connection. But not only did we get any ordinary connection, we got CABLE :D Another year passes and I see Phantasey star online coming out for GC. Im like hey I remember that game, I really liked it. Maybe Ill get it again and this time play online. I was luckily one of the first ones to snag up a BBA before they became rare. and ventured online to vega. I remeber making a FOmar as my first character and just went from there. Man was I a serious noob. I used to think that leet talk originated from PSO lol. Well little by little I was learning, and learning the hard way. from hacks to dupes to corruption. After my first corruption I got into c-mode and started playing with jpns players. I was very timid and nervous at first but eventually got into the flow of things and learned. It wouldnt be intill December that I would stumble across a site called Ah-King.

Forum saga.

I was like wtf is this? a forum? so I registerd and lurked for a while and posted a bit. If you would look at all my post you would see I was the total noob but I knew some things. Eventually I learned here about prevouis hacks codes and other BS that messed up the prevouis PSOs and met some very interesting and nice people here. That was place that got me into forums and all this other internet related stuff. But alas ah-king would suffer from server problems causing the death of that community. But It seemed there would be hope for ah-king users as shotie was taking ah-king refugees. So I decide to go there and see whats up. while Im there I notice a cool little sig in the corner reading apocalypse tribe. Im like wow sounds cool. So I go there and look at it and im like wow this place looks cool. Me thinks Im gonna register. I remeber one of the first threads I saw here was something about stat bars down. Boo!
Before I could even post I get this warm welcome from everyone and like wow these are some cool people. It would be awhile before I get a chance to play with anyone there But once I did it was pure joy.
I think I first got aquianted with eveyone when we had that meeting. At that time I didnt have a kb. so I wasnt able to pose with you guys during the pics. But IVI or claymore as I have come to know him or was it Harbringer? any way He took a chance on me and chose to nominate me as a candidate when I was just a stranger, and if that wasnt enough during the pics he stood still so as to not make me feel left out during the photo shoot. man hes so cool. I think we still have those pictures too.
The rest after that is history.

although its been awhile since I have posted here I still represent the Tribe in PSO and yes I still do play almost everyday. and will continue to represent them in pso3 and when FF11 comes for ps2 Im looking foward to joining you guys again with teh noob status. beigelaugh.gif

This place has become like my second ah-king. Even though I dont post much anymore I still lurk and enjoy watching those cool ass FFXI screenshots. Be sure once PSO3 comes out the posting spirit will return. guitarist.gif
I don't really remember the specifics. It was so way long ago. Just lobby loungine in the psow areas. Runnning into that lovable IVI, and Meeting my future Bagel machine Crush!

*inserts quarter*

Then of course through These two I meet the almighty Dive. beigesmile.gif And of course Sylvia, SCU, Lain, and many more from early PSO days that joined me on Gametime, and made amingcow what it is today. beigesmile.gif

Ahhh the memories!
My path here was far from historic. I simply clicked the Apocalypse Tribe button from Shotie's site. :o

The rest is history. ;p

I pretty much was looking for a good PSO community to bring back the feeling of the old days. Boy did I get lucky when I found this place. I've met some really cool people and have had some really great times on PSO. Unfortunately, I can't currently share the Tribe's experience on FFXI. Perhaps I'll join you all on Vana'diel when I get the Ps2 version. For now, keep those screenshots coming. ;D
*pokes guild members who haven't posted*

c'mon! beigelaugh.gif
rubs arm "You didn't have to poke that hard!"

Any way, I started pso back in Feburary of 2001. I didn't come on line till the end of that month and few day after that I ended up at Through out the DC days played with all sorts, but mostly the same old DScc crew and left around March or April of 2002. Then comes the GC version at first I played with the DScc folks that returned, but they were lured over to psox and never returned. I stated playing Layrinn, Zorya and co but was an outsider till I followed a link that was in I think Mute's guild card.

And that, as they say, is that.
about when CvS2 was relased for dc in japan i met crush in the lobby talking about fighting games and hibiki's sweetness. On Miranda 7 i believe but before that i knew manami and peps so i was bound to meet crush eventually i didnt meat dyne and ivi tho until ver2 released in usa
I guess it's time for my tale....(plus a short history of AT's forum evolution)

Bryn and I got PSO back in February 2001 near launch. At the time we had only one Dreamcast so we had to fight over who got to play, we usually ended up with one person controlling the character and the other using the keyboard to curse out Sephiroths and Gokus. I started out gaming with my brother's Quake 3 clan who had moved to PSO. After they grew tired of it and went back to fragging n00bs on Q3, I drifted a while. A few RL friends got the game, but didn't play much. Bryn happened across PSOW one day and we, being fairly new to forums, mostly lurked there and posted infrequently.

Some of you may remember when PSOW had special passwords for PSOW named teams that anyone who knew the pass were encouraged to join. Looking for some distraction one late Sunday night I decided to make a PSOW team and started out in the Forest. Within minutes a Ramar named IVI joined, followed shortly by Hucast named AT Tenebrous(how's that for old school? beigelaugh.gif ). They were both really cool and we played the entire F1-Falz campaign. After we smote Falz we exchanged cards and went on our way.

Later, looking through my cards I noticed IVI and Tenebrous' cards mentioned "The Apocalypse Tribe", that sounded cool and mysterious and stuck in my head. Browsing through PSOW shortly afterward I came across a post from IVI and followed a link in his sig to one of the first AT sites. I read through it and thought it was pretty cool, they had something called an AT Guarentee, which stated that AT games are 100% free of lamers and cheaters. This sounded like a decent group so I went about to find out more about this clan.

Back then AT had about 8 members and the site featured a sign up sheet, where you could petition to join the clan. I met and gamed with IVI a few more times and finally got the courage to fill out a form requesting enlistment into AT. I figured why not get the whole "online game" experience and join a clan? I talked to IVI a few more times in game and via emails, and eventually became a fulltime member.

I got to know everyone really well and we had some great times. After Version 2 died down, AT drifted apart for a few months, existing solely on a lone ezboard. Rogue announced one day that he was in the process of setting up an Ikonboard for us to use, he then asked me for some help in getting it ready. We struggled with it for a while, as it was on a free server that was bugged and laggy. Eventually the board was nuked by the server and we were once again nomads, barely clinging to the advertisement riddled ezboard.

I decided to give it another go on the free Netfirms server but the resource intensive Ikonboard proved too much for it and the board constantly timed out. At this time I had been messing about with the idea of getting AT a real paid host. I got this ready and the few remaining AT set out on a quest to locate the long missing members. I set up an Ikonboard on the new paid server and we slowly gathered our numbers once again. IVI(Claymore) and I talked about AT at great length around this time and we decided that it was time for an "All New All Different Apocalypse Tribe". I got this board up and running and many months later, AT and it's immediate family call it home.

if you read all that you deserve a user posted image beigelaugh.gif
Fascinating tale indeed Dive.
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