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Full Version: A Dreamwave Project
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So what other projects are un the works? Lets just say that one of them entails character with two pointy ears and a mission to cleanse the big "G".

-Pat Lee
Dreamwave Productions

Pointy ears? Big "G"? This could only mean, a trip to the kingdom of Hyrul, Dreamwave style.
~hey Linka, got any links for us by chance? i'm curious, is this a project that's just been announced or is the release date nearly upon us? i remember Warlands, the original set of comics were well executed.. ^^
beigebigeek.gif beigebigeek.gif beigebigeek.gif beigebigeek.gif

Holy shit, if anyone could do a truly kickass Zelda comic, it would be Dreamwave. Their TF comics are top-notch, as is all their stuff.
Sorry no links, the quote was from his editorial at the end of this week's Dreamwave comics

edit- I did look around Dreamwave's site and didn't find any info about this, but heres a link Dreamwave Productions
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